On Relationships

I call it a War Between the Sexes, because a “Battle” is finite in time. This war’s been going on a long, long time folks, and it’ll be going on for a lot longer.

Still, what else is as eternally fascinating as the dynamic relationships between men and women…both as individuals and between the genders as a whole? I’ll tell you, nobody who writes on that subject will ever run out of material.

These are a few of my favorites.

Win a Date with the Taoist Biker!

Asking a Girl Out (High School Edition)

Asking a Girl Out (College Edition)

Are You a Nice Guy?

Revisiting Masculinity

How to Ask A Girl Out (like, seriously)

When the Tables are Turned

The Grand Romantic Gesture, Considered

A Nice Guy’s First Lesson

Backhanded Compliments

Successful Relationships

I Ain’t That Guy.

A Journey to Self

The Fear of One’s Self

Dude, Deal With It

The Blogger and the Reader

A Better Moment

When to Let Go

How to Screw Up a Friendship

The Application Acrostic

I told you there was plenty to write on…


One Response

  1. Hello,

    Would you mind giving an older woman (50ish) some dating advice? If so, here I go.. I live in a really small town where I work full time, widowed after almost 30 years of marraige . My life is so different, family grown up and have their own lives, I am in left field now, seemingly. Ipretty much keep to myself, have tried internet date sites,, yada yada, and nada…. I have been told to be more social, there are bars or churches,, and I am somewhere inbetween those in my personality,, but shy a bit,, I used to ride motorcycles in my younger days and loved it… Since you have relationship here in your blog, I thought I’d ask you ,, if you don’t mind….

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