On Motorcycling

Yep. I write about motorcycles from time to time. It’s part of my contract; if I don’t write a post a month about motorcycling, then Satan gets my domain name, blog ID, and a 15% share of my soul. (That’s all I had left to offer by the time I got around to this blog.)

Taoist Biking Defined

A Motorcycle Racing Primer

How (not) to Get Back in the Saddle

2007 MotoGP Season in Review

2008 MotoGP Season in Review

Mechanic’s Malaise

A Dream Deferred

Diaries of a Newbie Biker

The 2008 Red Bull Indianapolis GP

Rooster Tail

If that’s not enough for you, just browse through my motorcycling category.

I’m always up to blather on for hours on end about motorcycling and motorcycle racing. Drop me a line at taobikerblog (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re brave enough.


One Response

  1. hey. I like your stuff here, Ive been looking for a group of people with similar interests and beliefs in my area. Like a Tao or Buddhist Motorcycle club… that would be amazing. can’t find any. Im located in NY on long island. Let me know if uve thought of doin the same thing, and if u know of any. thx.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of such a club (and I’ve never set foot in NY) but it sure would be cool.

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