Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

It is with great anticipation and even greater joy that I take this moment to send my heartfelt congratulations to my dear friend Crisitunity on her upcoming nuptials this weekend.  A long-awaited moment for all of the friends and family of her and her fantastic BF, and even more so for the lucky couple themselves!

I’ve known a whole lot of couples in my life.  These two are among the bestest evar.  Y’all deserve a wonderful day, and even more, an amazing life together.  I sincerely hope that you have both.

My heartfelt best wishes to you both.  And I hope some “Dancing Queen” will be played!  😀


PS:  If I was rich, you’d best believe your wedding present would be a four-finger ring spelling out ‘C-TUNE.”


Monday Music

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

I told you I’d have something less gloomy today.

King’s X, “It’s Love”

No matter whether or not there’s joy or pain, sun or rain, hope or fear, smiles or tears.  It’s love that holds it all together.

I just had to let you know.

May we all find a little bit of love today, from all around us!

Monday Music

Some days the rain and sun come together and make a beautiful rainbow.

The rain hasn’t completely died out for me – there are droplets falling all around me, on me, into me.  And not all of the droplets falling from my face are raindrops.

But even though the body of the storm is still visible on the horizon – even though there was damage done that will need to be repaired with patient labor – even though stray raindrops still fall – I’ve weathered it.  It’s done.  The worst is past.

The sun is peeking through the clouds.

And I know my rainbow is right around the bend.  I’m just keeping my eyes on the sky, because any minute it will appear.  It’s there, I can feel it.  And my feet are already working in the direction of that rainbow bridge to my magnificent future.

Led Zeppelin, “The Rain Song”


For the last few days I’ve tried to make it a point to walk with my chin up a little more.  Not that I usually shuffle along like a sad sack, but I DO tend to sort of be looking at the ground a few steps ahead of me and I also tend to walk semi-absorbed in random thoughts.  Nothing inherently bad about that, but I’m trying to make it not such a constant habit.

I’ve noticed very few people meet my eyes.

Particularly people who are walking alone.  If they’re with someone else, they seem to be more comfortable and looking around, engaging their environment.  Alone people tend to do what I always do:  eyes down and forward except for brief glances.

Eye contact with someone else, at least a stranger, is broken quickly.  It’s not hard to decide why:  if I make and hold eye contact with a guy, it could be taken as a challenge.  Guys are like that.  It’s not spoken, it’s just understood.  If I make and hold eye contact with a woman, it’s an invitation or a declaration of interest or both.  Again, it’s something we’ve built into our culture.  It’s programmed, and regardless of the message you’re trying to send, you need to be aware of the message they’re receiving.

Funny, huh?  We move through life, a significant portion of it alone, and for various reasons don’t even look each other in the eye?  Our culture is weird sometimes…

Sun Dress

Yeesh.  My coworkers.

AGAIN the ladies congregate.  This time the subject was how, sometimes, on warm days, young college ladies wear sundresses.  And carry backpacks.

And sometimes the backpacks, unbeknownst to the young ladies, the backpack makes their skirt ride up.

My older coworker says, “I’ll have to watch for that.”

Me, from my office down the hall, “[Name], man, I am trying to save your butt here.  SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.”

Ladies:  [uproarious laughter]

Older Coworker:  What?!?

Me:  [gets up, walks out into the hall, puts both hands on older coworker’s shoulders]  I am ONLY DOING THIS for the sake of your career!  [pushes him backward into his office]



Things To Worry About

Sorry folks, Dys was working on the laptop last night AND I STILL fell asleep damn early.  So still no Flickr update, thus no GP update.  (Some of you:  YAY!  Me:  *flipoff*)

I’ve gotta go work the annual university police cookout today (from 11-1 on a lovely 95F day!) which, if the last few years are any indication, should be hot and tiring but a lot of fun.  But I wanted to leave you with this little tidbit.

This morning I had a meeting with a lady from elsewhere in the U – a nice lady that I meet up with a few times a year.  We exchanged some niceties, asked about each others’ kids, and so forth.  Her daughter is just starting middle school.

“You’re lucky you have a son,” she said.  “You only have to worry about one penis.  I have to worry about all of them.”

High Belt

A coworker today is wearing one of those tops with a belt right beneath the sternum.  One of you ladies will gracefully weigh in and inform me of the name of this style, which I don’t know and probably won’t remember although I know that it HAS a name.  It’s a perfectly nice looking top, and it looks good on her.

Another coworker complimented her on it, as it’s a top she’s never worn to the office before.  The coworker in the new top then launched into a story about being out furniture shopping with her husband who actually stopped in mid-sentence as if struck dumb.  Knowing her husband, she began glancing around for a woman falling out of her clothes and was unable to find one.  Her husband then pointed out a “well-endowed woman” as she says who was perfectly covered up.  She was actually wearing a similar belted top – only the belt turned out to be extremely wide in the back but absolutely covered in front.  This apparently mesmerized and/or terrified her husband.

The coworker then said that all she could think about this morning when she put her top on was,  “This belt is really thin, and I STILL don’t have a problem.”  Another female coworker piped up:  “Yep.  Never been a problem for me!”

My older coworker opened his mouth, and I grabbed him by the shoulder and steered him away, to peals of laughter from the ladies.  “Just let it go, man,” I said.  “Best thing you and I can do here is just keep walkin’.”