Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

It is with great anticipation and even greater joy that I take this moment to send my heartfelt congratulations to my dear friend Crisitunity on her upcoming nuptials this weekend.  A long-awaited moment for all of the friends and family of her and her fantastic BF, and even more so for the lucky couple themselves!

I’ve known a whole lot of couples in my life.  These two are among the bestest evar.  Y’all deserve a wonderful day, and even more, an amazing life together.  I sincerely hope that you have both.

My heartfelt best wishes to you both.  And I hope some “Dancing Queen” will be played!  😀


PS:  If I was rich, you’d best believe your wedding present would be a four-finger ring spelling out ‘C-TUNE.”



Oh dear lord I haven’t laughed this hard at something on the internet in AGES.


The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas

Happy holidays, peoples!

Gift Tagged

Oh shit, I’m so far behind that I didn’t even notice that Marie had tagged me for a meme.  So I’m cobbling together a quick package of snark to leave under her tree.

That totally sounded filthy, didn’t it?

Just who the hell do you think you are? No really.

I’m working on figuring that out.  When I do, I’ll let ya know!  In the meantime, if you see me, tell me I’m out looking for me, and ask me to go home and wait for me there, okay?  Thanks.

Who is your favorite person you have met via blogging/internet (besides me, obviously).

Oh hell, lots of ‘em.  Just counting a few of my besties that I’ve also met in person, and BESIDES Marie:  My buddy Michael, who I met in 1994 when he was still in high school; Crisitunity and her BF, who introduced me to the hilarity of Munchkin; Tiffany and Bill, who admirably tolerated my squealing like a Justin Bieber fan at MotoGP.

And let’s not forget that I met my wife online!

Do you remember that one episode of Twilight Zone where that girl is driving and she has a flat tire and that guy stops to help her, but then there’s this weird hitchhiker and he keeps showing up and then it turns out she’s dead? That was awesome. Okay, but seriously. I liked AR’s fictional characters question, so I’ll put that one to you guys as well.

Uhhh…nope.  I’ve read that one on snopes a billion times but I never saw the Twilight Zone ep!

I need an idea for a Christmas dinner side item to go with ham. Thoughts?

Dude.  Baked beans all the way.

What are you proud of?

I think I’m a fundamentally good person.  I’ve got a lot of shit about me to figure out, but at the core, I definitely believe I’m a great guy.

What’s your poison?

Bourbon and sex.  That was easy!

What question do you WISH I had asked you?

How about, “Dude, Lamb of God is playing a small club show in town this weekend and I have an extra ticket, wanna come?”   😀

I’ve been such a fucking slacker that I’m not going to re-tag anybody with this; consider that my Christmas gift to you guys!

2010 Indy GP: Thursday

Holy crap, folks, I have SO MUCH to tell you about the weekend we all had together, and so much going on this week…particularly today…that it will probably take forever to tell it all.  Most importantly we still have yet to upload any of our photos to Flickr, and I want to be able to post pictures along with all of my blathering.  But we took literally about 2500 photos…1300 on Friday alone…and if we just try to upload them all Flickr will up and fucking explode, and none of you would ever look at them all anyway.

SO, I’m going to try to cull out some of the greatest hits and upload them in the next day or so, and post along with it as best I can.  In the meantime, we didn’t take our camera on Thursday night, so I can do that one without pics!

On Thursday, I had a handful of errands to run, so I tried to knock some of that out in the morning.  And tried to think about something other than motorcycles.  Not entirely successfully.  I ended up playing an hour or so of Rock Band – banging on drums until the batteries in the drum controller died, then switching to the bass – just to burn up some of my excess nervous energy.  I finally gave up on waiting for the lawn to dry and mowed it 3/4 wet, then hopped into my shower.

We left a little later than we’d planned – Dys’s mom visiting usually equals black hole of time scheduling, and this was no different – so we were pretty sure Tiff and Bill would beat us to the hotel, which they did.  But that was okay – they got to settle in (upgraded to a suite, woohoohoo!) and kick back from their long flight plus puddlejumper combination and enjoy the free beer/wine (???  !!!) being set out by the hotel while waiting for us.

We navigated the construction on I-465 and made it to the hotel.  Dys got up to go check in.  I usually wait in the car, but this time I decided to go on in.  Why?  Because there was a good chance Tiff and Bill would be waiting in the breakfast area right by the front desk.  And guess what?  I walk behind Dys up to the desk, take one look over, and there’s Tiff staring right back at my shiny noggin.  So I whacked Dys on the shoulder and ran over to give her that hug I’d been anticipating (and it was awesome) and give Bill a big handshake and whack on the shoulder.   Dys and I went to unload all our crap and then hook back up with them in a few minutes.

The unloading-of-the-crap took a while, because we packed like we were invading Bolivia (mostly due to bringing two coolers, thinking we’d have no fridge between us…but Bill and Tiff being upgraded to a suite meant we had a fridge to share.  D’oh!) and I hadn’t eaten much for lunch at all, so by the time we were done with that I was damn near starving, and the rest of us not far behind.  I handed them their tickets for the weekend, with appropriate squee-ing on both sides, and then we piled into their rental car and went cruising metropolitan Brownsburg for eats.

We did the “let’s go this way…no, guess not…how about try this direction…no…” for a few before we passed by a little place that looked interesting.  It had outdoor seating, which on a ridiculously gorgeous day like Thursday seemed like an excellent idea.  So we parked over by the courthouse and pulled up a chair outside at the Cabana Room.  We all ordered drinks, with the waitress (owner’s daughter, I think?) helping Dys pick from their page-long martini list while Tiff ordered a beer, I ordered a Booker’s on the rocks, and Bill ordered one of each.  A few minutes later the effects of barrel-proof bourbon on an extremely empty and keyed-up stomach began to set in, and I relaxed into a pool of permagrin.

Tiff meanwhile whipped out the camera and started taking pictures of our appetizers and drinks.  The camera brought a question from the waitress, and when Bill nonchalantly mentioned that she wrote for a travel web site (and a few others) KA-BOOM the owner was at our tableside, telling us about all the cool happenings at the bar, what they did, who they were, and by the way was there anything we needed?  He’d be happy to get it for us!

The food was excellent – I had a fish & chips with homemade tartar sauce, but everybody said theirs was stellar as well – and we had a blast of a time with just getting-to-know-you jibbajabba.  Well, after enduring a jab from Tiff about “You’re much quieter than I thought you’d be!” to which I said, “That’s what Crisitunity said!  WTF up with that?!” to which everybody laughed.  We hung out until after dark and the evening started to cool.  Luckily for me, I now had a belly full and a little antifreeze in my system, so it was all good.  We discussed in general detail the early morning festivities and went back to the hotel, agreeing to meet for breakfast at 7:30 in the morning.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but as Dys performed surgery on her race t-shirts to girly them up, I sat there subtly vibrating with energy, still – and when we finally parted for the night, though I was thoroughly whipped, I still had a little trouble getting to sleep.  I was definitely looking forward to the morning.

Monday Music

Well, we’re back from Indy and freakin’ tired.

As I attempt to catch up with the work grind and miscellaneous other things, I’ll try to crank out at least a post or three to share with all of you just how freaking awesome a time the four of us had.  It was probably the most fun I’ve had at any of the 3 GP’s I’ve attended so far.  I mean, nothing ever replaces your first time, but aside from that pure OMG moment?  Yep.  This GP was better.

That said, I’m going to tone it down a little bit for this morning’s MM – more details on that in a bit.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Little Wing”

But to sum up my weekend, if you can ever have the opportunity of being in a squee-worthy situation with Tiff and Bill…do it.

Hope y’all’s weekend was half as fantastic as mine!

Monday Music

Hey everybody!  Did anybody know that this week is MOTOGP WEEK!?!?

Oh.  Sorry.

Tough shit.  It’s all motorcycles all the time this week, motherfuckers!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Anybody who doesn’t know what’s up, take 3 minutes of your time and watch this video.  If you haven’t already.  (I posted it this time last year as the MM.)

I was listening to my iPod last night while trying to fall asleep and this song came on, and I immediately imagined myself cutting a GP video to this tune.  Winning, losing, falling, getting lower and lower (lean angle)…hey, it’s perfect.  If only I had the time.  And the GP footage, and a good hand at editing.  But wtf, just close your eyes and imagine a bunch of crazy fuckers rubbing their shoulders on the next guy’s tires at 80mph.

Static-X, “The Only”

Now ‘scuse a brother whilst I mosh for a second.

Aah, that’s better.

I get up from my desk at work at 4:30 Eastern on Wednesday, do some housework and final packing until early afternoon on Thursday, and then it’s GO TIME.  After 4:30 on Wednesday, it’s potential dark time for the blog.  Last year I did some blogging from the hotel room after the races.  This year I’m gonna have motherfuckers all up in my shit.  You know, so instead of working on the computer like Dys and I did last year, we’ll likely be out carousing and canoodling and shit with people like Tiff and Marie and Heather and another 100,000 or so crazy motorcycle fans.

If you’re interested…and masochistic…you can watch this space for whatever updates I can scrape the time to throw out.  Here’s some other places to watch for fun stuff from us, although none of them are guaranteed to be updated, at least a few of them probably will.

I’ll also put Tiff’s shit down because they’ll be glued to us for much of each day, and that chick is even more wired than I am. I’m betting her new Crackberry means that her Twitter feed will be the source of much hilarity.

WOOHOOHOO!  I’m telling you, I’m stone cold sober and there are crackheads and meth addicts out there who would get a ROCKIN buzz from a shot of my blood right about now.

It’s on, muhfuggas!

Quick Hits

Yep.  I’m back, motherfuckers.  And yawning.

Maybe if I’m lucky there’ll be a substantial post later.  But for now, STFU and take what I’m givin’ ya.


I’m staying off of Twitter today.  And I’m gonna be awfully careful about whose blogs and/or emails I read (*cough Tiff*) until tomorrow.  No offense to anybody.

Why?  Because I’m a fucking genius, that’s why.  “Hey, there’s a MotoGP race this weekend.  I’ll get it all set up to record on the DVR while we’re on our little mini-vacation.”

Then:  “Okay, everything’s ready for our vacation.  I just have to unplug everything.  …  There.”

You may now DUH at me incessantly.

The GP races will be on this afternoon, and I’ll DVR them then and watch them when I get home.  But until then, I don’t want to see spoilers, so I’m gonna duck and cover ‘net-wise to try to safeguard that little cherry.  Tonight, I’ll watch the race, and then tomorrow I’ll indulge in the orgy of contract-signing season.  Which of the rumors and projections were correct?!   Gah, killin’ me over here!


The public schools here opened today.  Translation:  “Oh yeah.  There’s all that fucking morning traffic that I’ve been gleefully without for the past three months.”

Boy’s school starts tomorrow, so he has one more day of reprieve over his buddies.  He’ll be plastered in front of the TV, frantically soaking up as much iCarly and Midnight Club:  Los Angeles as he can squeeze into a day.  And I hope he can get a lot of it done.


Speakin’ of which, goddamn, whose idea was it to take the vacation the last weekend before school again?  Sleeping until 9am on Sunday and 8am on Monday just in time to start waking my own and Boy’s ass up at 6 and 6:30 again?  Ugh.

More to come on the vacation later.  There may even be pictures.  We’ll see.  Quick version:  It was exhausting, it was fun, and it was just what we needed.  Even if doing it right before school starts may have been a little nutty.


So Saturday, after a few mis-starts, we managed to hook up with Marie for an early dinner.

The waiter came over, she asked what beers he had on tap, he named about five options, and bolts of fire shot from her eyes and rendered him down to a smoldering skeleton.  That chick is serious about her beer.

Luckily less serious about her dinner table companionship.  Particularly since I’m, well, me; and since Boy spent most of his time in full practice for 13, particularly emphasizing eye-rolling and “oh my god I am in PUBLIC with my PARENTS.”

Unlike the waiter, all of us survived.  And may even do it again sometime.  That makes three of my blogroll to meet me and live to tell the tale…with #4 coming up in a week and a half.  (Woohoo!)


Hey, whattaya know, Vix is back!  Turns out getting laid again unglued her blogging fingers or somethin’.


And speaking of back, our tiny student worker is here again.  I just saw her walk down the hall as my boss was chatting with me, and my first thought was “…?  Whose kid is here…?  Oh, hey, she’s back!”

Heh.  I kid, but we’ve had a long succession of student workers in my time here, and she’s personable, intelligent, pleasant, and a good worker.  This is a great thing when you’re dealing with 17-to-22 year-olds.


Are you tired of my quick-hits shit yet?  Fuckin’ tough.  As long as I’m cut off from my Twitter twitchiness, you’ll just have to deal.

But enough for now.  WTF is up with everybody?  How was your weekend?