Monday Music

Holy crap, Phil Collins retired because of chronic drum-related injuries?


I mean, Phil’s not my favorite guy in the world, but come on.  The 80s music scene would have been weak as hell without him, you must admit.

Okay.  So you could argue that it was weak as hell because of him.  I just personally wouldn’t argue that.  They may have been cheesy but I will admit to loving the hell out of some of his songs.

Anyhoo, now I must salute one of the greatest drum-break-ins of all time.

Phil Collins, “In The Air Tonight”

Here’s the classic video.  Surely it’s embedding-disabled so I won’t even bother to try.

And of course here’s the hoary old urban legend about the song’s origin.  (I’ll spoil the ending:  it’s not true.)


5 Responses

  1. I LOVE Phil Collins. We saw him in concert (his “first” farewell tour) and it was easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. We own it on DVD. In the Air Tonight is one of my favorite songs. I love The Phil. Even if he does seem to be an arrogant bastid.

  2. isn’t this the song that mike tyson sings in “the hangover” right before he punches out the bearded guy?

  3. I heard about the retreat from music but missed the reason. Drum-related. OK. Can I retired due to sleep-deprived reasons?

  4. Drum related? I heard he was developing a stuttering problem because of all those years spent singing Sussudio.

  5. I like Phil Collins’ songs, after he went solo. But they don’t hold a candle to the ones (most of which I assume he wrote) when he was lead singer of Genesis. “Mama” and “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” are my two all-time favorites.

    The lyrics of “Mama” have always intrigued me. The song is probably not about abortion–but there are alot of lines that make me wonder:

    “I can’t see you, Mama. But I can hardly wait…to touch and to feel you, Mama…Can’t you see me here, Mama…please! Can’t you feel my heart?…Now listen to me, Mama…You’re taking away my last chance–don’t take it away! Can’t you feel my heart?…It’s hot, too hot for me, Mama, But I can hardly wait. My eyes, they’re burning, Mama, and I can feel my body shake…Don’t stop me, Mama…make the pain, make it go away…No I won’t hurt you, Mama…!”

    Between the lines printed above, the song suggests “Mama” is his woman, his lover/wife. But the above lines seem to indicate that “Mama” is his mother. And, as a fetus, he’s pleading with her not to kill him, as the the abortion process has already begun.

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