Monday Music

Thanks to those of you who remembered my birthday last week!  😀  It was nice to hear from all of you, despite my extended mostly-absence.  While I’m not yet making any promises, I hope that part is about to get better.

Lots of things are getting better.

I was saving this song for this Monday, closest to my birthday – but recent events make it even more applicable than I’d planned.

Danny Gokey, “My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me”

Go watch it on YouTube.  Trust me.

It’s lookin’ up, people.  😀


3 Responses

  1. That guy sang the National Anthem and threw out the first pitch when we went to the Cubs game in Milwaukee at Brewer Park. I had just picked up from seeing the signs around the place that he was an AI guy. I don’t watch AI and Lea didn’t either (at the time, now she does) and I just kept giggling every time she’d say “Whoooda f#*@ is this guy?!?!?” and she did it…a LOT. 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Late–great to know things are looking better for you!

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