Monday Music

The buzzword for today’s mood is:  funky.  Blah.  It’s a Monday, after all, and we’re all entitled to funky Mondays, right?

So today’s MM comes to you courtesy of…  well, the local Weather on the 8s from The Weather Channel, actually, which was playing this when I turned it on this morning.

Warning:  I actually like this song, but earworm potential is moderate to severe.

Eddie Money, “Take Me Home Tonight”

Oh, for pete’s sake, all of the videos have embedding disabled.  Here’s a big flipoff to Sony Music, and if you’re not afraid of the earworm, go watch the video HERE.

(At least after last week I had sense enough to try previewing the post BEFORE hitting ‘publish’ on it.  Thhbbppttt.)


2 Responses

  1. Your weather channel plays actual music? Kick ass. Mine just plays that Yanni type crap.

  2. Because we have U-verse and not an actual Cable subscriber we do not get local on the 8’s. I may actually tune in to TWC if they did that.

    Also, if you are going to say funky and not post some James Brown, George Clinton or even early Red Hot Chili Peppers I will always look down on you with a condescending gaze, much as I am doing right now. Eddie Money… Tsk tsk.

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