Twinkle Twinkle

Just because it’s just another thing that’s too damned funny not to share…

I have to put up this YouTube Christmas lights video.  I thoroughly approve of the light show and the music – but I have to say, fuck am I glad I don’t live across the street!!  (As in, warning:  don’t watch the vid if you’re prone to seizures!)

Tis the season for SLAYER MOTHERFUCKER!

I giggle my ass off every time I hit “play” on this sucker!


4 Responses

  1. oopsie – think you posted yesterday’s vid by mistake.

    “Clark, baby, I can picture in my mind, and it’s breathtaking!”

  2. Marie: GUFFAW.

    Um. Yes, I was going to comment, “I don’t get it.”


  3. Oh fuck y’all.

    (Okay I admit Marie’s comment was fucking perfect. :D)

    I fixed it. That’s what I get for doing two posts at the same time yesterday, scheduling one for this morning, and figuring I actually got it right. But now the Slayer ownage is in full effect!

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