Some Things Need To Be Shared

And this is one of them.

Not quite a Monday Music, but hell, too fucking funny not to pass along.  Oregon Sunshine, I think you in particular will enjoy this baby.

I got this from a Brit, so take the sense of humor (and fashion?) with a grain of salt…  And since many of you, like me, watch this stuff from work, LANGUAGE WARNING in the video, heheheh.

Rubberbandits – Horse Outside

“Fuck your Honda Civic!”


2 Responses

  1. I loved that TB! Thanks! It made my day.

    I wiped out yesterday (non-horsey related) and am sidelined from riding for a bit. Still waiting to see if I did serious damage. So, no pony lovin’s for me. BP is taking care of my horses in the mean time.

    Oh, and when I’m wound up, I drop the f-bomb about as frequently as they did in the song.

    Ack! Hope you heal up quickly!!

  2. What gets me, is that even though I’ve only watched this once, I now find myself singing the chorus at random and inappropriate times. Or when I drive past a Mitsubishi.

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