Monday Music

Christmas is just around the corner, and life is still swirling around.  I’m getting a grip on some parts of it, and deciding to let other parts of it pass on by unhindered.  It might not be the best strategy, but fuck it, it’s working for me.  😉

My personal policy of perpetual over-pondering is really starting to get on my nerves, and so one of the main focuses of the TB Improvement Project (our motto:  We’ll get it in sometime in the same century as our target date, and within a few powers of ten of the budget, every time!) of the upcoming year is to quit that shit.  You know, simple.  At least to pronounce.  Right?  Right.

And so, in keeping with that theme, I offer you a number by one of my most favorite “why the hell did they only put out one album before breaking up?!?!” bands.

Acroma, “Don’t Think Just Move”

Edit:  Damn it.  Disabled embedding.  Well, click here for the plain-album-cover-art version, or enjoy the music amongst this homemade video featuring the movie Last of the Mohicans – for some godforsaken reason.


One Response

  1. beautiful. i’m going to go check out their own album!

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