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Hearing Voices

My therapist works on the ninth floor of an enormous office building built in 1928 – the year before the Depression started.  And it shows.  The halls are lined with dark wood, smelling of lemon oil; a few doorways to the larger suites are lined with marble.  There are mail-drop tubes at strategic intervals – I love those things; they remind me of old Bugs Bunny cartoons, or of The Shadow.

But strangely for such a large building, I rarely see people when I visit.  I’ve been there at different times of day, on different days, in different months over the past several years (not for this therapist but for a number of reasons – it’s a BIG building and in a strategic location for all sorts of businesses), and the emptiness of this big place is sort of striking.  With its particular decor, the emptiness makes it almost seem like something out of Rapture

So as I left the office yesterday, I thought nothing of whipping open my phone and calling Dys about dinner ideas.  It’s a little echo-y in the halls with the hard tile floor, but whatever.

Surprisingly, when the elevator opened, there were people within on their way down from higher floors.  Not one, but TWO!  A fellow wearing a stocking cap and jacket of a local university, and a lady in typical office dress and wearing a long-ish leather (faux leather?) coat.  This was a first for me.   But as Dys answered the phone at that exact instant, I decided to carry on.

“Got any dinner ideas?” I asked.
“Not really,” says Dys.
“Nope.”  says leather-coat lady.

I blinked.

“Know what’s in the fridge?” says I.
“Uh, I think there’s some shrimp in there,” says Dys.
“Nothin’,” says leather-coat lady, shaking her head.

By this time I was completely distracted.

“Uh, thoughts?” I asked.
“I’m not sure,” said Dys.
“Chinese for two,” says leather-coat lady, still shaking her head.

“I’ll think about it and get back to you,” I told Dys, and we hung up the phone.

Boy had leftover pizza for dinner.

Dys and I had Chinese for two.


7 Responses

  1. I think she was annoyed that you were talking on your cell phone in front of strangers. Or she’s got a sense of humor that allows for jokes to continue past funny and into weird. Those are the only things I can think of.

  2. At least she had a good suggestion!

  3. You should have started in on a discussion about, ahem, dessert, just to see what this woman would suggest.

  4. I vote that she was being funny…just because it is the better story.

  5. ~blink~blink~ wow, I’d say she was being funny, but I really don’t believe that as my mom gets pissy when people are on the phone in public or cramped spaces. At least she had a good suggestion for food!

  6. I shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve done that to a stranger before. But only because he was wearing a bluetooth headset you could barely see…

    Although, we were standing in line at a starbucks. I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for him ordering a peppermint mocha and a slice of coffee cake.

    And a CD.

    Yeah, I’m funny AND evil.


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