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Deep Thoughts

I took another hike in the woods this past Sunday, this time with a companion – Boy himself.

I took him on new trails, not the same ones I’d walked before.  They were farther in, and even quieter than before.  It was a brilliant day, in the mid-sixties and not a cloud in the sky, and for much of the walk we neither saw nor heard another person.  No sounds of planes or trains or automobiles – city noise all gone away – just birds and the wind in the trees.

After an interval of quiet walking, I asked him what he was thinking.

“I was thinking if my hair was messed up or not.”


11 Responses

  1. HA!! Boy rules.

    It WAS a badass faux hawk.

  2. I’m glad you got to spend some time outdoors AND with Boy!

    It really was a great time, and he was more enthusiastic than I expected. Usually his patience runs out in about an hour, but he was good for at least a mile of the hilly, 1.5 mile trail.

  3. Ditto to Tiff!

    Gracias! 🙂

  4. I’m all for poetry, I’m all for time with offspring in the woods, I’m all for a well tended coif of fauxhawk badassness…

    Not sure they all perfectly meld together, so good on you for trying! 🙂

    Heheheh. Yeah I didn’t bother with the poetry this time around. 😉

  5. We have *the best* kid.

    We DO. NO LIE.

  6. Well, if you had hair, wouldn’t you be worried whether or not it was messed up too?

    Uh…I can’t remember! 😀

    My hair was TOO SHORT to mess up for the last 13 years that I HAD hair. And for the 3 years or so before that, it was TOO LONG to mess up!

    • Psh! Dad! C’mon! Don’t you remember what it was like to want to look cool ALL the time? You never know if you’re gonna come across some tween hottie out in the woods, ya know?

      We actually did come across a few families that had girls. I didn’t notice if his eyes bugged out, though – he was ahead of me. 😀

  7. My favorite Deep Thought:

    If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell
    him is, “God is crying.” And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is, “Probably because of something you did.”

    Oh wait, this is TB’s Deep Thoughts, not Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts. Carry on.

    Hehehehhe, yeah, I loved that one, too!

    “If you’re falling from a high place, go limp. That way someone may think you’re a dummy and try to catch you, thinking ‘Hey, free dummy.’ “

  8. Well….was it?

    C’mon. The suspense is killin’ me. 😉

    I assured him that it was fine, and WOULD be fine, if he would just QUIT TOUCHING IT ALL THE TIME!

  9. That is the most awesome thing I’ve heard in a long time.
    And I LOVE walking in woods – need to find some around here.

    Surely you have some someplace around there!

  10. Please tell me you keep a book by your bedside to write down all of Boy’s thoughts. Please.

    Heheh, no, but maybe I should!

    I think I usually do a pretty good job of remembering them for the blog, though.

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