Monday Music

Whew.  One more hell week behind me, one slightly less hellish but still busy week to go.

I leave on Wednesday night for a conference – should be kinda boring, kinda a pain, and kinda fun.  I probably won’t have time to post, but maybe I’ll Tweet a time or three.  We’ll see.

Until then, I’m offering a cool laid-back DMB number.

Dave Matthews Band, “Grey Street” (Live from Piedmont Park)

I love the rhythm section on this song…


3 Responses

  1. Damn you. I’ve been watching Dave Matthews on youtube for the last twenty minutes because of your bad influence. Shame on you.


    I’m sure you did something to deserve it.

  2. DMB would be nothing without those black dudes. Just sayin’.

    When I saw this concert on tv, my comment to Dys was: “There are more black people on stage than in the audience.”

  3. I’m with snarkastrix…I blame you for the DMB-struction of my morning.

    Well YOU I know DEFINITELY did something to deserve it at some point or another.

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