Monday Music

I saw some blues on Saturday.

This old man…


He played his guitar with a pick, his fingers, his thumb, a drumstick, a towel, the front of his shirt, and his teeth.

He played against his body, in front of his body, held out to one side, held over his head, behind his back, and between his legs.

And when it was all over, it’s still his singing that I’ll remember.

He played this song – yes, right down to chiding the crowd for fucking it up and starting over again.  Except when I saw him, it was even more raunchy.  Damn it, this dude can play the blues.

Buddy Guy, “Hoochie Coochie Man”

Tell me that’s not a man who loves his job.


One more week of hell for me, then a half-week of work before I disappear to a conference.  So, probably a little longer in the “quiet TB” sector, unfortunately.  In the last week of October, I can either finally relax, or finally have the nervous breakdown I’ve put off for far too long.  Either way, it should be nice!


One Response

  1. Good luck with your nervous breakdown! I’ll visit you with a hacksaw in a cake.

    I knew I could count on you! 🙂

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