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A Walk in the Woods

I’m really bummed that I haven’t had time to properly post up about my walk in the woods this past weekend, where I sat down and wrote “After the Armor.”  I kinda sorta still don’t have time, but I’m going to do a little bit of it anyway.

I just uploaded a bunch of photos to a Flickr set and I’ll post a few quick highlights here.

Here’s what I wrote in my notes, though:

“There IS something settling about being alone in a forest – something deep and mystical and warm that feels like peace and home, given that it’s how I spent so much of my childhood.  A great part of me wishes that I never had to leave, but then I’d never get to share it, either – with Boy or anyone else – and though sometimes that has som small appeal, I know it’s not right for me.

The wind is picking up, making the pages of this notebook flap.  It sounds like the surf, only steady rather than pulsing.  While the ocean has a pull all its own, this is where I belong.”

The photo to the right really doesn’t accurately convey how steep this trail was.  I chose this one because the description seemed to make it the most daunting trail in the park.  And at the time that sounded good to me – it was long, it was hard, and it was most likely to be deserted just because of its difficulty.

Actually?  I saw 6 people on the trail over the span of about 2 hours, whereas on one of the easier trails I hiked later, I saw not a soul.

The day itself was really perfect for such an excursion – it was in the low 60s, and I wore not only a hoodie over my t-shirt, but I’d prepared myself by wearing a tank top under my t-shirt.  Layers and all that, eh?  Surprisingly I kept the hoodie on almost all day until the very end, when the day had warmed enough that walking up a fairly moderate slope had me sweating a bit.

I kept thinking that the clouds that predominated would turn to showers…but they never did.  It was breezy and the sun would peek out every now and then but mostly it was comfortably cloudy.  Perfect.






This tree just fascinated me, as I’m sure it has anybody with a camera who’s passed through this way recently.  It obviously fell or was blown over at some point some years ago, but it was green enough at the time to mostly BEND but not break.

So it leaned over in this broad curve, and the stress over time caused it to sort of de-laminate along the grain, giving it this twisted appearance.  I’ve spent a lot of time in forested areas and seen a lot of fallen trees, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this before.






I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, so the odds that there will be more photos from this particular place are high.  Click on over to the set if you want to see more!


7 Responses

  1. Dear LORD, I miss trees.

    Oooh, sorry if I hit you in a soft spot!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I think the bending without breaking of that tree is a wonderful metaphor, m’self. I also agree with you about the ocean; my mother prefers the ocean, but I far prefer the woods.

    Yeah, but did you notice that the tree is SPLITTING? Coming apart at the seams, one might say? Wherefore thy metaphor? 😀

  3. I think it’s very difficult to photograph a forest and capture its vastness. That being said, you did a great job with the pics. I also really enjoyed the notes you took in the woods. I truly believe thinking comes more clearly on a trail than anywhere else.

    Thank you, Allison!

  4. Regarding the set:

    The bench by the pond, with the trees right next to it, is the best of both worlds for me. Then there is the scenic one: I’ve always loved being able to be wrapped in the arms of the forest and still looking out into the vastness – a reminder that there is more than just the space that I am in at that moment, that there are still journeys ahead of me. And of course, the one looking up is definitely a personal favorite.

    Thanks for sharing.

    You know what the bench by the pond reminded me of?

    Grumpier Old Men. That’s why I took a photo of it, really.

  5. Yep. I want to go trail riding there! Right down that path. Is it allowed?

    On that particular path, no – I don’t think horses are allowed in that particular park at all, but I could be wrong. There are plenty of others nearby, though!

  6. When I hike, I just can’t get the pictures to come out so well. Like the ones I took of the lichen thoroughly coating every little branch so they looked like the trees were dipped in old yogurt? Totally didn’t come off that way.

    I think the scale of things is hardest to convey. Maybe a real photog like Tiff could tell me how to do it, but I have the most trouble…like the slope of a hill, the distance between faraway points, etc. It’s tough, and sometimes that’s the thing I most want to get across!

  7. […] Posted on November 2, 2010 by Taoist Biker I took another hike in the woods this past Sunday, this time with a companion – Boy […]

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