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Man Time

If all goes well, tomorrow I’ll have Boy with me at my auxiliary office space, banging around and doing some simple manual labor on his day off of school.  The plan is to make it 3 hours until lunch.  If he can make it that long.

But it’s time for him to start learning that you can’t just fuck off and do something else whenever it gets un-fun; he’s old enough to get introduced to the concept of WORK.

I’m going to take some music, take some bottled water, and so forth.  I’m going to take it easy on him.  But I’m going to work him, too.

Wish me luck!  I’ll need it!


8 Responses

  1. Good luck!

    It worked out quite well, actually!

  2. I think it’s harder for the parent than the kid at the take your kid to work day thing. The parent can’t work without distraction, but still has to make it interesting for the kid, you know? Good luck with that.

    When my boss brings her kid in, we have the kid go in the back and pack supplies for flu clinics. She bags syringes in lots of 50 and stuff like that.

    I figured he’d make it 30 minutes without complaining. He made it an hour. I gave him a 15 minute break, most of which he used to gripe, then I put him back to work – and he was fine. 20 minutes later he was shaking his booty to “Rock the Casbah.”

  3. Good luck!

    That’s a concept I’m working on with Dude this year since he’s essentially homeschooled. (Maybe Catholic school next year, if I get too frustrated this year).

    HOW to work is an important concept I don’t think a lot of kids are learning nowadays. I know Kitty certainly hasn’t!

    I know. I think I was mowing the lawn and stuff at Boy’s age – time to get that kid on the wagon.

  4. Good luck!

    The one time my dad took me with him to work, I was tiny – probably three or four – and I put a ball bearing in my ear. No more take-daughter-to-work-days after that.


    I was minorly afraid that he’d fall off of a ladder, but that was it. And even though there was about 10 minutes of complaining, considering that it was out of about 3.5 hours, I call it a success!

  5. Luck!?!?!?!? You need back-up!

  6. my parents started putting my ass to work when i was only five or six years old. like they had me help paint kitchen cabinets and remove bricks when we were remodeling. at the time i *hated* it. now I’ve got character and mad skillz coming out my ass.

    in other words, make sure your kiddo is hurtin’ by the end of the day.

    He was tired, but he also got an afternoon to play video games. WHICH DIDN’T EXIST IN MY DAY, WAH WAH WAH.

  7. I used to love hanging out with my dad in his workshop- he worked from home, mostly, in his workshop under the house. And then I would go with him when he used to fix peoples teevs and videos around our town, that was how I worked out where most people lived, who were the town drunks etc. Dad died a month ago, and more than anything, I would love to be hanging out with him in his workshop, breathing in solder fumes lol. Trust me, TB, your Boy will remember it down the track, and cherish it.

    PS< Go the St George-Illawarra Dragons, they just won the NRL premiership in Australia, that's my fucking team, man!!!

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Ellie! I’ll send a hug Down Under for you, ok?

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