Monday Music

Well, dang.  I actually spent quite an amount of time casting about for a great song to fit the surprisingly-good mood I’m in today, largely due to FALL!  WOO HOO!  IT’S UNDER 90 and allegedly will stay that way all week!!!


Anyway, I was cruising in my car on the way back from a meeting on Saturday, blasting my 80s mix disc, and this song came on, so I started singing along (and completely fucking up the accent).  Once upon a time I worked out a Metallica-ish cover of this song on the guitar.  It paled in comparison to my cover of “Blue Monday,” but it was fun and interesting, at least.

No, it was!  Trust me!  Fo Realz!

Anyway, heh, enjoy the androgynous Britishism that was the mid-to-late-80s…

Depeche Mode, “Policy of Truth”


3 Responses

  1. I fucking love DM. First CD I ever bought was Music for the Masses. Have I told you that before?

    By the way, welcome back. The interwebs haz missed you!

    The first CD I ever bought was Back In Black. Nobody is surprised…

  2. 1) I should have added you to my Google Reader long ago.

    2) Dave Gahan is a hero to all of us white boy dancers out there. Watch his dancing in this concert footage from the 1990 Violator tour.

    If I could dance like that, I’d get all of the chicks. Music for the Masses and Violator are staples of my listening day.
    I give in to sin, because I like to practice what I preach is my mantra for life.

    I’m not the hugest DM fan, really – but some days there’s just no substitute for it, is there?

    And man, I gave the fuck up on dancing a long time ago. That’s why I still hang my sad hopes on the guitar!

  3. Thanks to Pandora I’ve heard a variety of (generally metal) covers of Depeche Mode songs…and i pretty much like them all.

    Course the Johnny Cash version of “Personal Jesus” is pretty awesome too…

    Guess I’m a fan of DM?

    Guess so!

    Sometimes it’s just all in the chord structure and melody. There are things that can be amped up or down and scale beautifully.

    I never thought I’d like a Johnny Cash cover of Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage”… but…

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