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Fast Between The Ears

Okay, folks, HOLY CRAP AM I SORRY.  This has been a mildly fucked-up week and a majorly busy week – far more so than I ever would have expected.  And so I’ve not only fallen down on my writing but also my replying to comments and especially my blog reading.  Y’all don’t be mad, it’s not personal!  I’m gonna come back soon and read everything I’ve missed.  Hopefully next week, as right now, in the distance, it doesn’t look like it should be TOO crazy.  (Of course I thought that about this week, too.)

Meanwhile in the 15 minutes I was able to spend on my motorcycle board this week, I found this hilarious gem posted.  It is FAR too funny not to share.

Before you ask:  well, no, not with the Desmosedici, but if you replace that with the name of any given Japanese 1000cc+ sportbike, then yes.  Motorcyclists hear some version of this speech at least monthly, and the only saving grace of it is that the laws of physics generally prove to be an effective correction to overblown egos.  And when that happens…well, it’s easier to find cheap parts on eBay.

As one of the moto crew says:  “Riding is a constant physics lesson.  Beware the pop quizzes.”

Y’all have a good weekend, and brace for the hurricane of long-winded TB all over your blogs that has been forecast for next week…


5 Responses

  1. Not to say that I didn’t miss you, but…I survived. We all did. Don’t take our blogs and comments upon yourself as a personal responsibility such that it causes you stress. IT’S COOL.

    I know. It’s maybe 10% personal responsibility and 90% “I feel disconnected from my friends and it sucks!” But I really very much appreciated you dropping me this comment to reassure me.

  2. Uh huh. That’s what you said last week. Ya big tease.


    I gotta admit, you’ve got me there.

  3. Phew, I thought we were going to have to round up the dogs and start a search party.

    The way I smell they’d have no trouble! 😀

  4. That was some funny shit. Only thing they left out was the guy demanding to leave his helmet attached to the bike!

    HAH! The “guest helmet” phenom…

  5. i feel shunned. i may weep.

    I weep too, but only due to the thought that jackasses like this out there DO exist, and they have Ducatis and I don’t.

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