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Sun Dress

Yeesh.  My coworkers.

AGAIN the ladies congregate.  This time the subject was how, sometimes, on warm days, young college ladies wear sundresses.  And carry backpacks.

And sometimes the backpacks, unbeknownst to the young ladies, the backpack makes their skirt ride up.

My older coworker says, “I’ll have to watch for that.”

Me, from my office down the hall, “[Name], man, I am trying to save your butt here.  SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.”

Ladies:  [uproarious laughter]

Older Coworker:  What?!?

Me:  [gets up, walks out into the hall, puts both hands on older coworker’s shoulders]  I am ONLY DOING THIS for the sake of your career!  [pushes him backward into his office]




8 Responses

  1. I was always really, really careful not to let my skirt get caught under my backpack. I always noticed when other women weren’t as careful, and thought they were idiots. It’s just something you check, every time.

    I just don’t know how you couldn’t tell! Wouldn’t it be drafty? Especially if you don’t have hairy legs?

  2. I rarely wore skirts to school because, well, I’m admittedly not the girliest girl in the scouts and I’m not comfortable sitting in class in dresses, but yeah that’s something I always checked. My backpack and/or my computer attache thing DOES pop the buttons on my shirt sometime if it’s heavy and pulling the material sometimes. I haven’t always noticed that until I see someone’s eyes get really wide…but sometimes it’s just the site of a really big woman coming at them in a hurry much like a freight train. 🙂

    When your shirt buttons pop? On YOUR shirt? Yeah, it’s totally the big woman in a hurry thing their widening eyes are focused on.

    *rolls eyes*

  3. The only place I ever used to wear skirts/dresses was church, and now only do so if Bill pesters me enough. Still, it only took ONE INCIDENT to make me go bare-legged instead of wearing pantyhose. Damn mirror-less bathroom.

    ARGH. I will hereby be mortified on your behalf! *blushes*

  4. i always wear skirts so short there’s nothing left to ride up. besides i only use a shoulder-bag for my laptop because backpacks on anyone over the age of 22 (minus grad students) looks absurd.


    *hides all his dorky backpack photos*

  5. And for this reason I wear a sundress, a back pack AND a hoodie tied around my waist.

    I admit, the hoodie plus sundress phenomenon had me confused…until now.

  6. I thought of this last night while watching “How I Met Your Mother” and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) started extolling the virtues of sundresses.

    You are a veritable prophet of pop-culture moments!

    Precognition for the win!

  7. I can’t decide if your co-worker is pervy or clueless. I want to say clueless. I really want to.

    35% pervy, 65% clueless.

  8. I’ve been an admirer of the old backpack-skirt-lift for quite a while now. Thanks for the laugh though, not sure how your colleague has made it this far making comments like that.

    Longevity, I guess. Back in the 70s, when he was my age, it was easier to get away with such things, and now the ladies just think he’s funny. It helps that we have a REALLY laid-back and close-knit crew.

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