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Quick Hits

I’d decided first thing this morning that I’d do a quick-hits entry for today.  I’m in a much better mood after yesterday’s post (and a couple of really nice emails y’all sent me), and while I still don’t have anything organized to say, I had a bunch of quick and amusing observations to make.  So, natch, quick hits time!

I’m still going to do it, but this morning, I saw something sort of disturbing.  It doesn’t really fit with my usual quick hits vibe, but I also don’t think it’s a separate post.  So, just FYI, “one of these things is not like the others.”


The disturbing thing was…

Honestly, I don’t know what it was.

There’s a few funky intersections that I pass on the way to work that aren’t exactly perfectly perpendicular intersections.  There’s at least two five-ways, and a couple where one road meets others at a weird angle.  I was sitting at one of those, first in line in the left-turn lane and with a bus pulled up with its front bumper even with my rear passenger door.  Normally I’d be staring ahead at the traffic light and singing to my music as always (in this case, “Hey Hey What Can I Do”) but I heard a distant siren and started looking in all directions to see what was going on.

It becomes clear that the sirens are going away from us and not toward us, so I start to relax, when I notice that to my right and slightly behind me, on the road approaching at an acute angle, there’s a car stopped in the right lane and cars are leaving some space around it.  No huge surprise, there’s a small road there that they’re trying not to block access to, with the “Do Not Block Intersection” sign and so forth.  But then there’s some movement and, around the lamppost, I see that there’s a man standing outside the car, moving erratically.  Then I notice there are no cars ahead of his.

My first impression is that his car is stalled and he’s being sort of a goofball in trying to direct people around him, because he’s sort of rising and falling at the knees in a bouncing sort of motion, and moving his arms to a similar rhythm, and occasionally looking at a cell phone in his hand.

But then…is that blood on his shirt?  He keeps moving back and forth behind the lamp post, and turning around, and I can’t tell.  He turns back around and…yes, I really think that’s blood.  Not a TON of it, but a non-trivial amount.  Where is it coming from?  The car’s not wrecked…  why is nobody getting out of the cars right there behind him?  Is he going into shock, and those are the movements he’s making?  He doesn’t look like he’s going to faint…drugs?  Head injury?  Wha…

My light turns green.  I couldn’t get to him without getting out of my car or whipping around right through the middle of the intersection, so…I left the scene, wondering as I so often do if I’m doing the wrong, wrong, wrong thing.

A mile later I met a police car, lights and siren on, heading in that direction with a quickness.  As I thought, someone must have called.  But still…


Okay, enough of THAT shit.  On to the real Quick Hits fodder.

Boy has a crush.

On the lady on the local KIA commercials.  He says she’s too hot to be selling Kia’s.  “She should be on commercials for exotic cars,” he says.


My beard is finally the right length again.  How can I tell?  When it starts to make a nice handful again, and I start to notice it doesn’t all line up quite right all the time, but it’s not yet long enough to start to curl this way and that.


I totally wish Van Halen’s “Jump” was available for Rock Band.  Not even for the guitar, for the drums.  I was listening to Sunny this morning and as soon as I turned it on, “More Than A Feeling” was just starting – one of my favorite Rock Band drum songs evar – and after 5 minutes of pounding my steering wheel (I meant what I said yesterday on Twitter that I missed my calling by not being a member of the cast of STOMP) then “Jump” came on and I just kept right at it.  Woo!


How in the hell does somebody fall asleep listening to Agalloch and wake up with a damned Whitney Houston song in their head?  BECAUSE I DID.  Thank gawd for the Sunny Mix in my car to save me.


While cruising Superbike Planet’s post-Indy pics this morning (I REALLY REALLY need to get my pics up, they would LOVE some of the ones we shot) I found this photo.

It’s the OWB crew!  These guys are from Owensboro, Kentucky, where the Hayden family lives.  They sat in the row behind us for the first two Indy GP’s, and were in our row beside us this year.  Pretty cool people, really.  The guy in the white “Hayden 69” shirt has a tattoo of a Heinz ketchup bottle on his leg for some godforsaken reason – it’s hysterical.


I saw my first Kurosawa film yesterday:  Ikiru.  I was expecting the Japanese It’s A Wonderful Life.  I got…something more depressing, which I suppose for postwar Japan isn’t such a huge surprise in retrospect.  For a heavily hyped film, I wasn’t terribly impressed with either the acting, direction, or script…but I don’t have the proper background to put it into appropriate context, I suppose.  I’m hoping I’ll enjoy Yojimbo and/or Seven Samurai more than this one.

(In other words, Crisi-tunity, don’t be in a big rush to make this one first on the list.)


I think there’s something else I was gonna say, but that’s enough for now.  It’s a better day, and thanks to all of you for listening and helping make it that way.


5 Responses

  1. Things are slow at work right now, so I’ve been having a lot of fun catching up on everybody’s stuff.

    As much as I like to keep up…sometimes the catch-up experience is MUCH more fun.

  2. Drugs, I’d guess. Or some kind of epilepsy.

    It didn’t look much like epilepsy.

    Thanks for the info about Ikiru. It’s not actually on my list at this time. I need to run through the major Asian works before I even get to what Kurosawa did in his spare time. 🙂

    I was thinking at the time, “Maybe Crisitunity could point out where this directorial work was actually really good.” Then I thought – “But I wouldn’t recommend she take time out to see it to do so.”

  3. I’m a big fan of Yojimbo, though I saw Fistful of Dollars and Last Man Standing first…(both are western remakes of it), so it could just be that I liked those and that colored my perception of it. I always find a certain amount of “I don’t understand this culture well enough to fully make sense of everything going on” with Japanese films, but I still found it interesting and entertaining.

    I think I’ll be similar with the “I wish I understood the context a little better but I really like it!”

    Thanks for stopping by, man, you’re welcome anytime!

  4. Boy is hilarious! “exotic cars” dude!

    I’m embarassed by the songs I want on RB so I won’t tell, but any VH would be AWESOME! I also want to get the AC/DC one but will wait to buy it used.

    I think VH cast their lot with Guitar Hero instead. Suckers…

  5. BOOBS.

    Well, as the greeting card says, boobs DO make everything better…

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