Monday Music

Well, we’re back from Indy and freakin’ tired.

As I attempt to catch up with the work grind and miscellaneous other things, I’ll try to crank out at least a post or three to share with all of you just how freaking awesome a time the four of us had.  It was probably the most fun I’ve had at any of the 3 GP’s I’ve attended so far.  I mean, nothing ever replaces your first time, but aside from that pure OMG moment?  Yep.  This GP was better.

That said, I’m going to tone it down a little bit for this morning’s MM – more details on that in a bit.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Little Wing”

But to sum up my weekend, if you can ever have the opportunity of being in a squee-worthy situation with Tiff and Bill…do it.

Hope y’all’s weekend was half as fantastic as mine!


3 Responses

  1. ah, Stevie. The ugliest dude in rock.

    I dunno, I think Jagger’s still got him beat by a mile, as does Slash underneath his mop, etc.

    Stevie did have that little-teeth big-gums thing goin’ on, though. Yikes, brother.

    • Didn’t stop any of them from getting ridiculous amounts of ass though!

      Hence why all young men at some point or another take a stab at learning an instrument and forming a band.

  2. I think Lemmy holds my Ugliest Dude In Rock, but he’s still ultra cool so he gets by. 😉

    Of course you had more fun! You were with FRIENDS! Good friends make everything bettter. I keep telling you this. 😉

    So the motto is, I need more friends? You’re so cryptic about it that I dunno what you’re saying. 😀

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