And Your Tour Guide, TB

Okay peoples…

We’ve already done decided to do this here thing again.  The four of us, next year.  We’re gonna renew our tickets and our hotel reservations.  Question is, who else wants in?

Last year I wahoo’ed and renewed and later that afternoon Tiff emailed me saying “Hmm, so how would I go?”  And I went back in and amended my ticket order so we could possibly get seats all together – and we did, how cool is that?!  While it’s not guaranteed to work, IF anyone wants to join us next year, I COULD attempt to do the same thing.  Change it from four tickets to five, or six, or fifteen, whatever.

OR:  general admission tickets to the races this year were $60 for a three day pass.  The first two days are general admission anyway – the only difference would be on race day.  On Friday and Saturday we could all hang together as a big ol’ gaggle if and as long as we so desire.

Is anyone out there actually interested?  If so, speaketh thee up!!


One Response

  1. I want in!! At the risk of sounding like a ten-year-old girl- that would be the coolest thing EVER!!

    Hey, you find a way to get your ass here from across the Big Pond, and it’s on!

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