I DO SO Rock!

Well, in an hour I’m outta here for the day.  While I won’t rule out a quick post in the morning, and/or posting from Indy, this COULD be “it” until after the GP.  And then you all know that I have a good solid week or two of splooging on motorcycle porn here on the blog before things settle down again.  So I give you this, the last “passes-for-normal” post for a while.

I’m wrapping up my day at the office yesterday when I hear “[TB]!  Are any of your creepy bands playing here in the next month?!?”

I get up and walk out to the common area, where our cute and tiny student worker (for the sake of convenience, C&T) is standing surrounded by a few of my coworkers.

C&T is probably 4’8″ and 90 pounds.  In other words, roughly my son’s size.  She is sweet, friendly, and hardworking, and we were all glad to have her back to work for us again this school year.  Apparently, the first assignment in one of her music classes is to see a rock concert and write a review of it.  The paper is due in the first week of October – the day BEFORE two badass shows play in town on the same night.  Drat the luck.

I rack my brain for a while, check my local metal promoter’s web site and my street team email stuff and come up with maybe three dates.  She’d thought one of the venues was 21-and-over (she’s about to turn 19) and was surprised when I told her it wasn’t.

“Can’t you just get an ID?” asks our somewhat rebellious office manager.

“Are you kidding me?” says C&T.  “I have an easier time passing for 12-and-under.”

So we rattle on a little more about music, and in and amongst telling me that I should teach a music class (my answer was “I don’t think anybody’d want to take the class I’d teach”) C&T says,

“I’m surprised, [TB], you don’t look like the kind of person who’d listen to that kind of music.”

SAY WHA?!?!?

Fuckin’ hell, my ensemb’ ain’t cuttin’ the mustard!!!


8 Responses

  1. Someone said that to me once, but in my case it’s probably true. I still rock though! \m/

    I don’t think it’s as obvious for chicks, because throw on a black t-shirt and some heavy eyeliner and boom, you’re transformed!

    But me? WTF, aside from the long hair that I forsook 15+ years ago, whatta I gotta do aside from a big fuckin’ neck tattoo?

    • The answer to that question is, get a big fuckin’ neck tattoo. Duh.

      Heh, I totally heard your voice going all “DDDUUUUUHHHHHRRRRRR!!!!”

      I really dislike neck tattoos, too. Even Ami James, the tattoo artist from the show Miami Ink, says he wishes he didn’t have his neck tattoo.

      I could maybe shave my beard and get some sort of Pacific Islander facial tattooing in its place, though. To me that seems less tool-ish than the neck tattoos. Whatcha think?

  2. She must have saw you in your Hawaiian Print board shorts. 😉 After all, you’d expect a metal head to be wearing something with skulls or flames!

    *grasps at chest* Ouch, madam, thou hast slain me! 😀

  3. I adore Oregon Sunshine.

    You could put a 00 gauge through your nose or something…

    Nose rings never did it for me. I think I’d rather do the scalp spike implant things than that.

  4. Can’t…respond…still…giggling… 😀

    Hey, I got something for you right here! *pulls middle finger out of his shirt pocket*

    • Shirt pocket?!?!?

      Yes. I think I’m beginning to see the problem, sir.

      Although, I DO have to defend you about the board shorts thing…Anthrax, Scatterbrain, Nicko McBrain and a lot of those metalheads wore/wear ’em. 😀

  5. Sorry, TB, that inner tube is just not very metal.

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