Monday Music

Hey everybody!  Did anybody know that this week is MOTOGP WEEK!?!?

Oh.  Sorry.

Tough shit.  It’s all motorcycles all the time this week, motherfuckers!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Anybody who doesn’t know what’s up, take 3 minutes of your time and watch this video.  If you haven’t already.  (I posted it this time last year as the MM.)

I was listening to my iPod last night while trying to fall asleep and this song came on, and I immediately imagined myself cutting a GP video to this tune.  Winning, losing, falling, getting lower and lower (lean angle)…hey, it’s perfect.  If only I had the time.  And the GP footage, and a good hand at editing.  But wtf, just close your eyes and imagine a bunch of crazy fuckers rubbing their shoulders on the next guy’s tires at 80mph.

Static-X, “The Only”

Now ‘scuse a brother whilst I mosh for a second.

Aah, that’s better.

I get up from my desk at work at 4:30 Eastern on Wednesday, do some housework and final packing until early afternoon on Thursday, and then it’s GO TIME.  After 4:30 on Wednesday, it’s potential dark time for the blog.  Last year I did some blogging from the hotel room after the races.  This year I’m gonna have motherfuckers all up in my shit.  You know, so instead of working on the computer like Dys and I did last year, we’ll likely be out carousing and canoodling and shit with people like Tiff and Marie and Heather and another 100,000 or so crazy motorcycle fans.

If you’re interested…and masochistic…you can watch this space for whatever updates I can scrape the time to throw out.  Here’s some other places to watch for fun stuff from us, although none of them are guaranteed to be updated, at least a few of them probably will.

I’ll also put Tiff’s shit down because they’ll be glued to us for much of each day, and that chick is even more wired than I am. I’m betting her new Crackberry means that her Twitter feed will be the source of much hilarity.

WOOHOOHOO!  I’m telling you, I’m stone cold sober and there are crackheads and meth addicts out there who would get a ROCKIN buzz from a shot of my blood right about now.

It’s on, muhfuggas!


3 Responses

  1. MotoGP? What’s that?


    Bill just reminded me to put the binoculars in with the camera gear. IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

    I honestly didn’t end up using my binoculars. Of course they’re a small pair, made for spotting during hunting, not really good sports binoculars. But there are big TV monitors all around the track, that helps!

  2. Wayne Static. *sigh*

    What bikes? 😀

    He’s a good hairdo idol for me…

  3. […] The first reason for my bounciness is our oft-mentioned, oft-gushed about (yes, TB, you have been gushing) trip to Indianapolis to see the MotoGP race. I am STUPID excited […]

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