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It’s odd that I post that thing yesterday, all pensive and shit, and 24 hours later I’ve swung the entire other way into a full manic mode.  Actually, it’s more than odd, it’s a little bit ridiculous.  But I like feeling bouncy-happy, so fuck it, I don’t care.

Posting it yesterday was something of a load off my chest, so I was in a really good mood until late in the day when I got a quick message from Dys about an OMFGFGFG moment with our finances.  Turns out it was a big mistake, and led to a conversation with our bank that will make some things much better for us in the long run, but fucking hell for a little while there we were both having a goddamned heart attack.

So that was a little bit of a damper.  And I got to work today on more or less an even keel, sat through a couple of meetings that weren’t great but didn’t suck, and suddenly had the musical muse blindside me with something and I think I hope I think I hope it might even stick until I can get home.  Trying to remember a musical idea in my head until I can get home (going so far as to avoid listening to music until I can  so as not to mix my idea with something else – gee, that’s fun) and, if not quickly record it for later reference, at least play it out on the guitar and add some muscle memory to reinforce it in my head until I can eventually record it – sheesh.  I’ve tried it many a time, and the success rate isn’t encouraging.  But damn, sometimes you just gotta try.

I’m always enthusiastic about my musical ideas – perhaps overly so – and because of that my usual practice is to work it out, sit on it for a month or so, and come back to it to see if I still like it enough to run with it, usually making anywhere from a few to several tweaks before doing so.  Which I may and probably will do with this one, too – hell, it’ll be a bare minimum of a week and a half before I even have time.  BUT this is something slightly different, much heavier than I’m used to writing, and if I can work out a few of the bits and pull a solo out of my ass, I think it just may kick some ass.  At least mine, which is the main one that counts.

So right now I’m riding a little bit on yesterday’s coattails and a whole lot on a creative high.  Plus there’s that little matter of holy shit next week Dys and I will be at Indy with Tiff and Bill and maybe hanging again with Marie and maybe seeing Heather and WOOHOOHOOHOOOOOO!!!! You know.  That kinda shit.

What that all adds up to is manic, blabbermouth, full-on-smartass TB.  And shit like this.

It feels downright ludicrous after yesterday, but I reiterate:  don’t give a fuck.  I’ll take it.

Happy Friday, people!


4 Responses

  1. It has been amusing to see/read you so hyper.

    As far as the music idea is concerned, can you, oh I don’t know, record yourself humming it via the voice memo feature on your cell phone, or something like that? The general idea that will maybe spark your memory when you get home?

    A melody, yes, you could do something like that. But I usually have a good memory for melodies. It’s the chord structure behind it that’s hard to remember…and no, no way I could *possibly* hum something like this. Imagine trying to hum “Stupify” to jog your memory and you’ll see what I mean. 😀

  2. Dude. You’re, like, bi-polar or somethin’. 😉

    I kid. I kid.

    I’m happy that the finance thing worked out. Nothing puts me outta whack like that kind of kick to the shins. Whew!

    I don’t think I’m quite bipolar. But sometimes my mood swings are downright funny.

    (When I start giving away all my shit, that’s when I’ll check myself in for a bipolar eval.)

  3. Something similar usually happens to me with writing. Usually in the shower, or right before I fall asleep, both places where pen and paper can’t make an appearance. If they did, I’d write too slow to keep up with my brain.

    Yup. Happens all the time!

  4. You might need some medication. I always feel better when I am “juiced” about something. I think it is like needing to be moving TO something is what keeps some people going. I am on that list.

    I like your attitude.

    You don’t love me; you just love my doggystyle.

    “Might” need some medication? Heh.

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