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Quick Hits

Yep.  I’m back, motherfuckers.  And yawning.

Maybe if I’m lucky there’ll be a substantial post later.  But for now, STFU and take what I’m givin’ ya.


I’m staying off of Twitter today.  And I’m gonna be awfully careful about whose blogs and/or emails I read (*cough Tiff*) until tomorrow.  No offense to anybody.

Why?  Because I’m a fucking genius, that’s why.  “Hey, there’s a MotoGP race this weekend.  I’ll get it all set up to record on the DVR while we’re on our little mini-vacation.”

Then:  “Okay, everything’s ready for our vacation.  I just have to unplug everything.  …  There.”

You may now DUH at me incessantly.

The GP races will be on this afternoon, and I’ll DVR them then and watch them when I get home.  But until then, I don’t want to see spoilers, so I’m gonna duck and cover ‘net-wise to try to safeguard that little cherry.  Tonight, I’ll watch the race, and then tomorrow I’ll indulge in the orgy of contract-signing season.  Which of the rumors and projections were correct?!   Gah, killin’ me over here!


The public schools here opened today.  Translation:  “Oh yeah.  There’s all that fucking morning traffic that I’ve been gleefully without for the past three months.”

Boy’s school starts tomorrow, so he has one more day of reprieve over his buddies.  He’ll be plastered in front of the TV, frantically soaking up as much iCarly and Midnight Club:  Los Angeles as he can squeeze into a day.  And I hope he can get a lot of it done.


Speakin’ of which, goddamn, whose idea was it to take the vacation the last weekend before school again?  Sleeping until 9am on Sunday and 8am on Monday just in time to start waking my own and Boy’s ass up at 6 and 6:30 again?  Ugh.

More to come on the vacation later.  There may even be pictures.  We’ll see.  Quick version:  It was exhausting, it was fun, and it was just what we needed.  Even if doing it right before school starts may have been a little nutty.


So Saturday, after a few mis-starts, we managed to hook up with Marie for an early dinner.

The waiter came over, she asked what beers he had on tap, he named about five options, and bolts of fire shot from her eyes and rendered him down to a smoldering skeleton.  That chick is serious about her beer.

Luckily less serious about her dinner table companionship.  Particularly since I’m, well, me; and since Boy spent most of his time in full practice for 13, particularly emphasizing eye-rolling and “oh my god I am in PUBLIC with my PARENTS.”

Unlike the waiter, all of us survived.  And may even do it again sometime.  That makes three of my blogroll to meet me and live to tell the tale…with #4 coming up in a week and a half.  (Woohoo!)


Hey, whattaya know, Vix is back!  Turns out getting laid again unglued her blogging fingers or somethin’.


And speaking of back, our tiny student worker is here again.  I just saw her walk down the hall as my boss was chatting with me, and my first thought was “…?  Whose kid is here…?  Oh, hey, she’s back!”

Heh.  I kid, but we’ve had a long succession of student workers in my time here, and she’s personable, intelligent, pleasant, and a good worker.  This is a great thing when you’re dealing with 17-to-22 year-olds.


Are you tired of my quick-hits shit yet?  Fuckin’ tough.  As long as I’m cut off from my Twitter twitchiness, you’ll just have to deal.

But enough for now.  WTF is up with everybody?  How was your weekend?


4 Responses

  1. Hm. I don’t actually see my name in your blogroll. The fuck’s up with that?? *BOLTS OF FIRE*

    Well, fuck. I’ll have to fix that.

    I’m admittedly not as good at adjusting my blogroll sidebar as I am at adjusting my feed reader. And sometimes I’ll stick somebody in the feed reader for a trial period before deciding whether or not to adopt ’em as a regular read on a long-term basis. Like some “Angry Runner” chick I added to the reader the other day. I figure anybody that bitter and cuss-y has got to be interesting at least 70% of the time, right?

    • Angry Runner awesomes up my interwebz on a daily basis – you won’t regret it. Follow her on twitter too – we have an almost-daily exchange of soviet russia and dead baby jokes. Weee!

      Well, who can pass THAT up?

  2. I’m not sayin’ nuthin’ ’bout nuthin’. You’ve got the all clear to read my Tweets, blog, and e-mails because I didn’t mention the winner. Here’s a hint, though… it’s a guy.

    Also, geez, are you snarky today or what? Telling us to STFU and fuckin’ tough and stuff. Big ol’ meanie.


    A few days of vacation and I’m feeling my Wheaties, I guess. In a few more days I’ll be downright manic.

    I’m a mushroom-cloud-layin’ muthafucka, muthafucka!

  3. Hey-ya Bastard!

    Hey-ya back at ya!

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