A True Blood tidbit

Since I can’t Tweet this, and I don’t want to forget it…(SPOILERS)

Was anybody else rooting for Russell to pull out the Talbot-jar there at the end, and make it talk to the camera by lifting the lid?

“We will eat your children!!  Right, Talbot?”

[jar-lid flapping]  “Yes, yes we will!  And my god, that weather girl’s belt does NOT go with those shoes!”

Nothing like a villain who’s taken a left at Batshit Crazy and hit the nitrous!  😀


6 Responses

  1. Also:

    My comment on Bill waking up in the Sookie-dream-place, all soft-lit and pink:

    “Holy crap! I woke up in a douche commercial!”

  2. Haven’t watched True Blood yet, although everyone I know raves about it. I fully plan to, once I’m over my boredom with vampires.

    True Blood is definitely more for the “Don’t take it so seriously” crew. It’s hilariously high camp.

    I saw the previews for the first season, thought it was ridiculous and decided I’d never watch. Then I was flipping channels and came across the infamous episode in which Jason OD’s on V. I was hooked. That bit is hysterical.

  3. I have seen a couple of episodes and it seems that the percentage of homosexuals are greater in their world than in mine…

    Well, if you were immortal, maybe after a few hundred years you’d be so tired of putting up with the opposite gender that you’d be more willing to give your own a try?

    • That’s EXACTLY what I said to my girlfriend who asked the same thing MTAE did.

      Great minds I guess.

      I do laugh at the show more often than many comedies I watch (I was going to say straight comedies but I didn’t want MTAE to take it the wrong way).

      Yeah, True Blood is hardly a “straight” “comedy.”

      (I originally wrote “TB” but in the context of this blog that could be damned confusing! I occasionally confuse myself by using that abbreviation…if I ever get tuberculosis while watching an episode of True Blood, it’ll be all over. My noggin may explode.)

      But it IS often very fucking funny!

  4. That episode had me laughing so hard at the end.

    “And now for the weather!” <–favorite part.

    That was awesome, too. 😀

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