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High Belt

A coworker today is wearing one of those tops with a belt right beneath the sternum.  One of you ladies will gracefully weigh in and inform me of the name of this style, which I don’t know and probably won’t remember although I know that it HAS a name.  It’s a perfectly nice looking top, and it looks good on her.

Another coworker complimented her on it, as it’s a top she’s never worn to the office before.  The coworker in the new top then launched into a story about being out furniture shopping with her husband who actually stopped in mid-sentence as if struck dumb.  Knowing her husband, she began glancing around for a woman falling out of her clothes and was unable to find one.  Her husband then pointed out a “well-endowed woman” as she says who was perfectly covered up.  She was actually wearing a similar belted top – only the belt turned out to be extremely wide in the back but absolutely covered in front.  This apparently mesmerized and/or terrified her husband.

The coworker then said that all she could think about this morning when she put her top on was,  “This belt is really thin, and I STILL don’t have a problem.”  Another female coworker piped up:  “Yep.  Never been a problem for me!”

My older coworker opened his mouth, and I grabbed him by the shoulder and steered him away, to peals of laughter from the ladies.  “Just let it go, man,” I said.  “Best thing you and I can do here is just keep walkin’.”


5 Responses

  1. If it’s a dress, it’s an empire waist. As a shirt, I don’t know if it’s called something different.

    I’m frightened to admit that I thought “empire waist” was correct.

  2. This is a called a “save.” The older co-worker will appreciate it in the long run…and the ladies too.

    A shirt is a shirt and a dress is a dress…things are simple in my world.

    In this case, the ladies know more or less what to expect from him, so it wouldn’t have made much difference. But it was funnier to drag him out of there at the time. 😀

  3. I have no idea what that’s called. I wear belts to hold my pants up, and that’s it, but I’ve often been accused of having no style. (However I can shit, shower, shave and be out the door in 20 minutes. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.)

    You’re faster than me, then. It takes me ~25 minutes to shower and shave ye olde noggin.

    • I think that qualifies you as a metrosexual.

      Not until I slap the aftershave on my head. I guess you could count that as “Product.”

  4. Knowing the people in question, I’m just dying to know what he was GONNA say, LOL

    I’m not sure I am!

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