Quick hits

Today is the beginning of the end of the chaos in my office, I think.  Hopefully a little more than the beginning, but me being the pack mule of the joint and all, when I take off tomorrow there may or may not be work done in my absence.

Even accounting for some minor disasters, by this time next week it will be OVER.  Woo!

In the meantime…


Happy birthday to Marie!  Her twisted tweets keep me grinnin’  through my workdays.  May your beer tonight be far better than your morning run…


WOO HOO for California – Prop 8 is overturned!  For now.  I will admit that I’m a bit nervous that if it goes to the US Supreme Court that it would be a less-than-ideal time…  but for now, I’ll savor the victory!

Thanks to Bad Pants, here’s the link to the opinion for those who enjoy reading the law, court opinions, etc. like myself.


A coworker is getting married in the very near future, and today is the day we’re throwing her a little surprise shower over lunch.  I made some Bailey’s Irish Cream brownies, after hearing about them from Tiffany’s Super Bowl party and testing them out back in the wintertime.  Here’s hoping they go over well.  Or not – because if not, I’ll have more to bring home…


Speaking of which, Laura Tiffany Bitch Whateveryournameis, I saw your comments on those GP tickets and as soon as the chaos settles down you can expect an email from me.  Deets to arrange, woman!

We’ll be in Indianapolis from Thursday evening, August 26, until the late afternoon on Sunday the 29th.  MOST of that time will be at the track, and a lot of the rest of the time will be random getting-to-know-you stuff with Tiff and Bill, but we may have some time to get together with a few of my deranged motorcycle crew – and/or others who may or may not live in the state of Indiana (*cough Heather cough Marie*).  We’ll see what we can work out, eh?


This has turned into something of a shout-out post, huh?  Whatever.  I’ll take it.

Keep on keepin’ on…


3 Responses

  1. Fuck – my inlaws are in town that weekend. We’re going to Brown County…down, down to brown town.

    Thanks for the birfday wishes –

    You’re not so far away I can’t hunt you down another time. Mwuhahahah!

    Hope you had a good one!

  2. :: bounce ::

  3. Work life may get boring when the excitement settles down. Maybe that is what you need for a while…you could just keep lifting heavy things to keep it exciting.

    Luckily for me I have a big backlog of heavy shit that needs to be slung to another location.

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