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Carry Me Back, Part 2

Still swamped, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel…

Back to ye olde trip to Virginia.  First part is here.

On Friday afternoon, it was blazing freaking hot.  My mom took the afternoon off, so she invited Boy and myself to the pool at the state park about 10 miles down the road.  Boy eagerly accepted, and I of course joined them.  There’s no diving board at this pool, which I personally think is a shame.  Two thirds of the fun I used to get from swimming was competing with my friends on who could do the most interesting (by various criteria) dive off of our low and ridiculously stiff springboard.  Nowadays, too much liability.  Wah, wah, wah.

In its place, though, was a two-story water slide which Boy adores.  He informed me that I couldn’t call myself a man until I’d tried it.  My response, naturally, was that I was perfectly happy not to call myself a man.  I think that actually set him back for a bit.

The day was so hot that whenever I tried to stand at poolside, I made sure to splash a bunch of water out along with me and stand on the wet concrete.  Dry concrete would just burn the hell out of the soles of your feet.  I eventually discovered a small low spot on the sidewalk where water collected, and took to standing there.  That water was probably ninety degrees, but hey.  It was still cooler than the concrete.

I made Boy do a backflip underwater and took this photo specifically because Dys loves the toe shots.

Of course, after giving Boy a little crap, I squeezed my overly large butt down the waterslide and claimed my manhood.  (Of course, I was hardly the largest person I saw go down the slide that weekend.  Doesn’t make it a good idea.)

Afterward, we went home and my brother and his son came over.  My sister-in-law left early Friday afternoon for a weekend-long bachelorette party/wedding shower deal for one of her college pals.  With Dys remaining at home to work and get her quiet time, this meant that essentially my parents had a weird sort of echo of our old life:  my mom, dad, brother and myself sitting around a dinner table.  With Boy and Nephew, of course, but they quickly inhaled whatever they had in front of them and vanished into the living room to play video games/torment one’s older cousin, as the case may be.

This is my nephew, hiding from me behind the door from my parents’ foyer into the kitchen.  This is about as shy as he gets.  Which is to say, not very.  (Yes, my brother and I were both white-blonde like this as kids as well.  Two of our six cousins were as well – one of which is still that blonde at 30.)

My mom showed off some photos of my nephew playing T-ball that were taken by another team parent.  A couple of them I had to photograph just so Dys could see them.  This is one of those.  THIS is my nephew for you.

Don’t ask me WHY he’s doing it.  But that’s him.

After dinner, and talking about t-ball, my parents pulled out the small tee that they have at their house and my son and my nephew took turns batting from it and chasing after each others’ hits.  My son was a lot more tolerant of this idea than I thought he’d be, honestly.  My nephew just took it as an opportunity to do more of the things that 3.5 year old boys do, like some little almost-dog-walk, almost-cartwheel things.

He also wanted to show us how he puts my old 1986-era skateboard to good use.  You know, the way many of us started to skateboard, definitely including myself and Boy.

My brother, of course, was talking band-talk.  Since the family bluegrass band broke up when my banjo-playing cousin had his first child, my brother has fallen in with a reggae/rock guy and formed a trio.  This required him to switch from an upright to an electric bass, and he’d just bought his first electric.  He agreed to bring it by the next day to show me, and we agreed to get together and jam a bit before I went back home.  Before he left, I took him out to my car, plugged in my iPod, and played for him some of the music I’d been recording at home.  He seemed to enjoy it, which was cool.  I just had to figure out how to set it up to play for my parents.  You know, without cramming everybody into my car.

So after my brother left and Boy was ensconced in my parents’ room watching Nickelodeon, I successfully managed to use my iPod auxiliary cord (headphone-ish, except with plugs on both ends) and a small-headphone-plug to large-headphone-plug adapter to run my iPod through my guitar amplifier.  I played my music for my parents (Crisitunity, I remixed it without the autotune) and they seemed happy.

And with that, the second day of our trip came to a close, with the big birthday party on the horizon for Saturday.


2 Responses

  1. Aww, how awesome! Also, TOES!

    So Dys’s fascination is infectious, I see.

  2. […] Carry Me Back, Part 3 Posted on August 12, 2010 by Taoist Biker At this rate, I might get done with the posts about my trip to Virginia before I forget all about it, and/or just in time for the holidays, when the next one might be on tap.  Oh well.  Here’s the link to Part 1, here’s Part 2. […]

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