Monday Music

It’ll be in my head anyway…

While I was back in Virginia and Dys had free rein with the DVR remote, she watched a bit of Austin City Limits and recorded a segment featuring Iron & Wine.  Sam Beam is a favorite of hers, and I seem to remember buying her The Shepherd’s Dog for her birthday ’round about this time of year not terribly long ago.  We were trying to make space on our DVR last night after True Blood went off, and I asked her:  “Did you want to watch this again?  Did you want to make sure I saw it?”  “Well, both.”  So, considering that she only grabbed a 30-minute segment, I did the reasonable thing:  hit “play.”

My reaction to the very first song:  “Oh, how nice it must be to have talent.”

There were a few, and I liked some better than others, but all were interesting in their own right.  But the show-closer was this one:  “The Trapeze Swinger.”

Iron & Wine, “The Trapeze Swinger”

I submit to you that if you can listen to this song and not get just a little misty-eyed, then you have never lost or even contemplated losing someone that you love too dearly for words.

We sat across the room from each other, listening to the song, letting it pour into us individually and together and quietly took it in.  Until the dog asleep at Dys’s feet drifted WAY deeply into doggy-sleep and began snorting and snuffling in a manner so ridiculous in contrast to the mood of the song.  Dys talked to her, nudged her, and finally thumped her under her chin a few times with her foot – nothing.  She kept on snorting and jerking her paw until we just had to laugh even harder.

When it finished, I said straight-up “Well, that’ll be in my head for days.”  “Could be worse,” she said.  “True,” I acknowledged, “at least it’s driven out ‘Fascination’ from that charcoal commercial earlier today.”

“I want that played at my funeral,” she said.  “I don’t even care that he says the word ‘fuck.'”

Well, better played for you on this side of the dirt, my dear.  So here it is.

Hell, just replaying it here at work I got all choked up, and it may take me a while of completely unrelated music to get this big ol’ lump out of my throat.  If that’s not good music, I don’t know what is.


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