1098.5 miles, three trips with Boy to the pool at the nearby state park, one walk in the old stomping grounds, and one birthday party for one gentle giant.

I’m back, to a full inbox and a massive project in the works here in the office.  It’ll probably take me several days to get all caught up again, but rest assured, I’ll be back in action with my patented brand of internet bullshit pretty damned quickly.  Hopefully I’ll even get off my butt and share some pictures.

But lest I forget,

Happy birthday, Tiffany!!



4 Responses

  1. […] admit that had it not been for an announcement by TB I wouldn’t have known the significance of today, and I can only guess at her age, but based […]

  2. Welcome Back!

    Thanks! My aunt, uncle, and one of my first cousins from out near your new home were up for the party…

  3. Thank you so much! Glad to hear you had a great trip!!!

    I did, and you’re quite welcome!

  4. OK, I give up. I’ve been waiting for Tiff to post a new post so I can wish her a happy birthday there, but I guess it’s hopeless…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIFFANY!!

    Yeah, that inconsiderate, non-posting-on-vacation bitch.

    Oh, wait… oops. 😀

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