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5k #2

I’d seen some time ago that the local running club was running an “Ice Cream Social” 5k at 6:30 last night in the park where I usually run.  $3 for non-members, and ice cream cones at the finish line.  Sounds good, huh?  I’d been eyeing it, depending on the weather.  Yesterday at about 3, I checked the temperature, and it was about 81F.  I decided that was close enough, and told Dys I intended to come home, grab a small snack, and go.

When I got home, it was 87 with a heat index of 92, and the air was full of moisture from the thunderstorms that had passed through earlier in the day.  Yee-haa.  Still, I decided to have a go.

So, it was on a drastically hillier course than my first 5k – and fifteen degrees or so hotter at 6:30pm than it was at 7:30am on that first day.  Still, I was confident that I could do better.  I stretched out, and as all the runners moved to the starting line, I found a spot well behind all the shirtless high-school boys and waited for the “GO” signal.

The first segment, about three-quarters of a mile, was a long, long uphill.  Slow and steady at first, steeper toward the middle.  Of the 150-200 people running the race, at least half dashed off far ahead of me and out of sight – the rest of us were strung out already before the half-mile point.  I settled in to ping-pong back and forth with a group of about half a dozen people.  Which wouldn’t be so bad if one of them wasn’t a guy pushing two toddlers in a stroller.  And if I hadn’t gotten passed about 250 yards in by a kid who I swear looked to be about eight years old – and he left me behind.  Didn’t see the little bugger again until the finish line.

I was determined to keep running for the whole race, even as I started to pass the first few people who had stopped to walk, but on the next significant hill past the 1.5-mile mark I felt light-headed enough to slow to a walk myself.  I hated feeling like a quitter, but much less than I would have hated being dragged out of the park in a semi-conscious state of heat exhaustion, I figured.  I wasn’t the only one, of course…even walking, I managed to pass a handful of people.  I picked up the pace again after a few hundred yards, and ran to the water stop at the 2-mile mark.  After trying to drink my little bottle of water on the run, I gave up and walked until I was done drinking.

At that point I was facing the Hill of Doom on this run – a long, steep, winding segment that doubles back on itself twice.  I ran almost all the way up, then walked the last stretch to the top so I could run on the way down.  And I did run that last 3/4 of a mile – but I can tell you, there was no saving a burst of speed for the slight uphill slope at the finish.  I was just glad to be done and get some more water.

Final time:  0:31:58.  I was hoping to break a half-hour, and slightly disappointed that I didn’t make it – but still better than my first 5k time of 0:35:18.  On a much more challenging course, and a much less pleasant day.  And I while I hadn’t thought it would make much difference, it’s also possible that I’ve been running the park in the wussy direction.  The race was in the opposite direction to my usual morning run, and I do think it was somewhat tougher.  Maybe I’ll have to change my routine a little bit.

So, onward and upward.  The local club is having another one in the park in about three weeks…


5 Responses

  1. Good job! Congrats!


  2. Congratulations, babe. I’m really proud for you. 🙂

    Sorry you guys didn’t get any ice cream. It was 1/3 melted, just the way I like it. 😀

  3. I hate getting beat by kids! It happens to me a lot. But great run– 31: in 90-degree heat is nothing to be disappointed about.

    It’s less about the time and more about how cruddy I felt at several points in the run. But I’ll take it.

    As for the kid, I kept reminding myself “I’d like to see HIM run carrying this extra 110 pounds…” I finished 56th among the men. So my guess is that I came in about 115th out of about 150 people. Heh.

  4. WooHoo!! That’s fantastic, TB!!! You’re doing just great. 😀

    Thank’ee, ma’am! 🙂

  5. I keep meaning to hit up the Tuesday Turtles, or whatever that local running club is called. You may have just inspired me.

    I pass the inspiration/blame back to MTAE and Marie…

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