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Well, it done happened.  That little thing of tearing up all of our carpet and laying down tile?  After I left for my eye doc appointment yesterday afternoon, apparently they called to say “Can you be ready for us to start next week?”

Problem being, Boy and I leave early Thursday morning for a weekend back in Virginia (including the 80th birthday party for my grandfather) and we won’t get back until Monday evening.  Which means any of the heavy lifting around the office, always done by yours truly as the only male employee under the age of 65, has to be done in the next two days.  Yeehaa!

Anyway, depending on how all that moving-stuff-around shakes out, I may be less communicative than normal over the next two days.  After that, I’m planning to unplug completely while I’m on my trip (although, of course, I’ll schedule a Monday Music).  I think it’ll be cool to go without ‘net access – just for a little while.  So expect quiet from this corner for the next week or so.  You can surely find infantile humor and motorcycle racing news elsewhere on the ‘net, I hope.  (But why would you when I provide such great service in that regard, huh?)

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to it.  In a turnabout of Dys’s trip to her folks’ place a few weeks ago, this will be just me and the Boy traveling.  Only we’ll be driving instead of flying.  A two-man nine-hour road trip – twice.  For a lot of people this would be a nightmare…but honestly, Boy’s been on the road like this since before he could walk, and he’s an old pro by now.  He’s a pretty damned good companion for road trips like this.  It gives us time to talk, time to BS, and time to just zone out together.  Very cool stuff.

I’ll have the good camera with me.  And my brother’s asked me to bring my electric and my amp, if I can fit ’em in the car with all my crap.  Some photos and many tales to follow, I’ll bet on it.


6 Responses

  1. We will miss you…but somehow we will get by…there will probably be a lot of drinking and angry masturbation.

    Sounds like an average weekend for me…

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip, and don’t throw out your back between now and then.

    I really am looking forward to the trip. It should be fun.

  3. Ya know, you’re on a college campus. Grab a couple of 20-year-old boys and make them dip into the petty cash. Because I assure you that the lawsuit I file is going to cost more than that. 😛 (Remember that guy across the street who has that issue now of not being able to do what he wants to do?)

    The student government apparently dislikes it when we shanghai and impress random students into physical labor. Believe me, I tried.

    As for your 9-hr road trip: In the effort to help your son adjust to getting up earlier (since I know you plan to leave before the chickens are up), I just woke him a while ago, and then 15 minutes later called into his room, “Are you still awake?” The response I got back was, “I don’t wanna be.” You may get more silence and a slightly different attitude than normal on the way out there at least!

    Hah! Well, I appreciate the effort, at least. Maybe the prospect of stopping at a random DQ someplace will perk him up.

  4. Why do you have to do all the lifting? The women in your office don’t all have broken arms… tell them to get off their asses and do some REAL work. Enjoy your trip!!! (and don’t do all the lifting yourself… force some of the students to do it or tell them they’ll fail).

    The women will be doing some of the lifting. I’ll just be doing the heaviest of it.

    The only student worker we have right now weighs 115 pounds soaking wet. (Although she’s a dancer, so she’s probably strong enough.)

  5. You have fun and drive safe! I’m going to be posting sporadically, myself. Probably pictures.

    Also, Marie’s comment about “angry masturbation” made me take a pause.

    To work up some anger? Or work it out? 😀

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