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Almost Very Bad

Fook Mi, I just wrote about a 1500-word post on a) this nasty Moto2 crash (rider is OK), b) dumbasses bombing up the inside of turn 1 on a 40-bike grid,  and c) Andrea Iannone getting buttfucked by the weird-ass implementation of a rule.  And I got distracted and thought I hit “publish” before navigating away from the page.

Ker-flush goes my 1500 words.

(“Yay!”  says a bunch of the peanut gallery.  Heh.)

Anyway, I did want to point this out.  It looks a lot more horrible on first glance than I think it actually was – the rider was spotted eating lunch in the medical tent half an hour later when a reporter went to check on him – but still, damn, in all my years of watching motorcycle racing this is probably the scariest crash I’ve seen.

This is the very end of the Moto2 race on Sunday in Barcelona, Spain.  The riders in question are battling for a top-10 finish – American Kenny Noyes on the white #9 bike, and Spaniard Carmelo Morales on the blue #31.  They’re tucked in tight, fighting for a top 10 finish – Morales is in the slipstream, trying to draft up until the last second in order to pass Noyes and nip the spot at the line.

He waited just a hair too long.

Morales’ front tire clips Noyes’ rear.  There’s a puff of smoke and Morales’ bike goes down.  It’s not a hard hit for Morales…until the bike hits a bump and starts cartwheeling at about 140 miles per hour.

What appears to be the bike landing on Morales’ chest looks, on closer inspection, to be the bike hitting him with its spinning momentum just an instant before it hits the ground.  The bike then bounces up, and as the race marshals who are behind the barricade but in front of the fence dive for cover, the damned thing just about clears the fence and goes into the grandstands.

Freak accident, and one that could have been much uglier.  But holy crap.  Antonio Banderas’ (owner of Noyes’ race team) reaction says it all.  “Yay, our guy is gonna beat…Fuck!  FUCK!  Oh my…”  *speechless*


All I’ll say about the rest of it:

a)  Alex Debon should be suspended a race for his dumbass attempt to bomb up the inside of turn 1 and thereby crashing himself and 9 other riders, making a dozen others take evasive action, and bringing out the yellow flag;

b)  Andrea Iannone did pass under the yellow and so deserves the punishment, but the system of having the team inform him of that is stupid.  If race direction wants to hand out a punishment, they should inform the riders via the big yellow board.  Period.  (This bit is really complex; I’ll explain if anyone is curious, but the only ones who likely care are Dys and Tiff and they already saw the race in question.)


4 Responses

  1. Didn’t see crash 1, but totally take your word for it.

    b — Totally agreed, and I think that a yellow flag (or really any other flag, should be displayed on BOTH side of the track, in multiple places, so that there is not the possibility of not being able to see it because of another rider being in the way.

    Crash 2 — If that bike had hit him somewhere other than the speed bump on his back, he would have had broken bones. That was unholy.

    All of them were scary. And that doesn’t even count Canepa’s crash in which the bike caught fire.

    It was definitely a race to keep you on your toes!

  2. fook yu — video was removed by the user!

  3. We were all, “Dude check out this finish! Banderes is going nuts! Oh, OH FUCK. Oh my god. How many times is he going to flip? Oh GOD, did that LAND ON HIM???” Aaaand scene.

    I don’t know so much about all the rules and such, but it seems to me that any penalty should be meted out in an official capacity…

    I was SURE that the damn thing landed on him…

    And yeah, that “your pit crew should notify you” is bullshit. Like a referee telling the coach of a football team, while the ball is in play, “Uh, coach, your wide receiver was in motion too early. Get his attention, make him run back behind the line of scrimmage, and then he can run back out on his pattern again. If you can’t get his attention by the end of this play, we’ll dock you 6 points. Thanks, coach.”

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