Monday Music

For those who don’t have today off – I’m very, very sorry for you.  Shoot off all your leftover fireworks in the boss’s bathroom when his/her underwear is down.

I went for my 6 mile run on Saturday morning and again this morning.  Sing the song:  “One of these things is not like the other…”

Whattaya know, the difference between 66 degrees and 74 degrees – and 10-15% humidity – makes a huge freekin difference in the experience.  Not in my final time, so much, but damn.  You could have drowned small animals in my shirt this morning.  And more heat coming our way – back to the temperatures of two weeks ago.  Yippee!  At least we don’t still live in Richmond, where the forecast is for 104F by Wednesday…uh, DAMN. I’ll be thinking of you guys, MTAE and Crisi-tunity!

I’m starting to think that part of my rhythm is in the music I’m choosing.  At first it was all death metal stuff – fast and hard and driving – but lately I’ve gone to classic AC/DC, since that’s what I’ve been finding myself playing on my guitar when I have some downtime.  Still driving, but a little more laid back and fun.  Today, also inspired by some guitar stuff, I went for Eric Johnson.  I was thinking, “WTF, maybe ‘Zap’ or ‘Trademark’ or something is just what I need on a beautiful morning.”

Instead of all the fast-but-airy-and-optimistic music I was gunning for, I got every laid-back jazz-combo with a two-minute acoustic flamenco intro in the man’s catalog.  Oh well.

At least I finished strong – with one of my (many) favorites.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend – and hope that for most of you, it’s not quite over yet!


3 Responses

  1. Running with music for me is a mixed blessing. I try to use it more as background noise instead of a dominant presence. Sometimes, when running to music, I think that this song is three minutes long, and three songs will be about a mile…

    I started doing that, and made myself quit it. The only time I want to think about the timing or pace or anything is at the end when I analyze it. Until then, as long as I’m moving forward, I’m okay. I’m trying to keep going without walk breaks – once I’ve got a better handle on the endurance, then I’ll start to worry about the pace.

    The heat is something here. I went out yesterday for 10 miles in this heat and I look like a french fry. Morning running is not possible for me and my mid-week runs are usually treadmill. But I like to get outside on the weekends and getting used to the heat is something I want to get used to before the 1/2 Marathon over the Labor Day weekend.

    Yeah, but still, all things considered, I wouldn’t recommend it on, say, Wednesday.

    It sounds like you are getting into the flow of running now…which is funny considering your position a year and a half ago!!!!

    Brother, you don’t know the half of it. 😀

  2. Last week was so pleasant that BF and I were convinced we were living in Napa Valley for a few spectacular days. This morning I went out shortly before 9:00 and it was probably already approaching 90. Sheesh.

    Not that I care; I don’t mind the heat. But it bothers BF and makes our electric bill high, so.

    I only mind the heat when I want to run, ride bikes in the park with Boy, or when I have to mow my freaking lawn, which is twice a week nowadays…

  3. Kind of cool running/music blog I found — Dude uses BPM detection software to come up with music based on a specific pace. Not that I would ever do something so saavy. I can’t even figure out what my heart-rate should be.

    Hmm. If “Bang a Gong” is so good, then why am I not an Olympic-class runner with “Body Hammer”?

    And if “Cool for Cats” were to ever show up on my iPod during a run, I would come to a dead fucking halt long enough to change it and, if possible, delete the fucking thing. ARGH.

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