Perfect Marketing

So have you seen the new Twilight Volvo commercials?

I told Dys, if they’re looking to completely peg the products that Twilight fans are buying, I’m sure a white-mom-and-aunt-approved Volvo station wagon is high on the list.


3 Responses

  1. Seeing Volvo always makes me want to say “vulva.”

    *12-year-old snicker*

  2. Actually, this promo is from the previous Twilight movie, New Moon. In both the first and second movies, Edward prominently drove this fancy little Volvo (which apparently handles like a damn Porsche), so I figured there was a little tie-in going on there.

    Aren’t you glad I know these things?



    • It SCARES me a bit…but maybe it is considered “General Knowledge.”

      Once upon a time there was a “what your car says about you” floating around on the ol’ interwebz. “Volvo Station Wagon” translated to “I am afraid of my wife.”

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