It’s a Dad’s Life

Sad but true.  As many of my funnies do, this one comes courtesy of my moto-buddies…


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  2. Oh man that was freakin’ hilarious! dood, that one almost deserves it’s own Monday music!LOL!

    My favorite part was “I’ve got dozens of dollars!”

    Current contents of wallet: $14. A $5 and nine $1’s.

    • Oh I don’t know, the dude crying at a Disney movie is one of my faves.
      I’m definitely showing this to my dh.

      I’m sure nothing will strike him as familiar at all, nope, no way…


  3. Zee video, she is gone.

  4. Poo, they took it down.

  5. I found a new link to it: here. Maybe this one will stay a while…

  6. Finally watched. V. funny. I love the black guy – “Begonias! Crepe MYRtle!”

    Roundup to the rescue.

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