Monday Music

Yes, still fogged in.  No, not going to let it break my MM streak.

In an attempt at change that I’m sure the ladies among you can appreciate, I did the closest thing I could to a new haircut.  I trimmed my beard much shorter than I had in the last couple of years.  Now that it’s done, I don’t like it very much:  dorksville.  But it’s hair, it’ll grow back.  (Unlike my scalp, but anyway.)  In a month it’ll be better; by fall it’ll be back to normal.  Until then, ew, dorksville.

Anyway, enjoy the music.

Jim Croce, “Hey Tomorrow”

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7 Responses

  1. Oh dear Gawd, you are EVIL.

    • Shut up. This is the best song ever.

      It ranks high on the earworm scale, that’s for sure. Best songs ever, not so much. On both scales, IMHO, it ranks just below this one.

      • No, see, “Der Kommissar” ranks high on the Pop Song So Irritating That It Becomes a Novelty After Fifteen Years scale. “Break My Stride”, on the other hand, ranks high on the Awesome Song, Especially Since No Other Songs Sound Like It Now scale. It’s an easy mistake to make, I understand.

        It also has an entry on the Australia Is Inherently Fun scale, but I garner most of my knowledge of that one from The Simpsons, so you can’t go by me.

  2. Here. Let me help.

    You would think that anytime the conversation veered from Jim Croce to Rammstein, I’d be the one on the Rammstein end of it…

  3. Wow, I didn’t know this was going to turn into an earworm contest…I was just going to say how much I love Jim Croce and to thank you for reminding me of him. I think I’ll go find Time in a Bottle somewhere now!

    You’re quite welcome. I adore the guy’s music. We have an older, 2-disc version of his “Definitive Collection” – I’ll have to make sure it’s on the next care package I send out SC way.

  4. This whole thread has gone right to hell. Started out with a lovely song by an amazingly talented dead man, and then…

    Might as well blow the whole family out your ass while you’re at it.

    Pulling John Candy into it, so we have another talented dead guy?

  5. I don’t understand why you’re all hating on Matthew Wilder. That song always cheers me up and reminds me of the very most rockin’ elements of the stupid contemporary soft rock stations that formed the soundtrack of my childhood. Next you’re going to tell me that “Careless Whispers” isn’t a touching masterpiece of pop.

    No, “Careless Whispers” is teh awesum.

    “Break My Stride,” honestly, reminds me of some video or radio clip show thing they made during one of the Redskins’ Super Bowl runs in the 80s, if I remember correctly. I.E., “Mr. Running Back, are you confident going into the game?” [DJ plays “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break-a My Stride”.] Added cheese, and no fault of Mr. Wilder I suppose, that’s just what I associate it with.

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