Monday Music

Well, it IS Monday.  01:03, that is, as in “Oh, WTF am I doing still up?”

I have tomorrow off, that’s what I’m doing up.  Woohoo!  So likewise WTF, I’m throwing up the MM early.  Because if things go according to plan, the one thing I have left to scratch off on the Guy’s Weekend list is to take Boy to the go kart track tomorrow morning for an hour or two.  In other words, when I’d normally be at work banging out the MM, I hope to be making him pay for giving up the inside line.  Mwuhahahah!

Generally speaking, this has been an awesome weekend.  I’ve gotten a crapload done around the house and feel awesome for it.  And Boy and I have had some good times, with more left to go.  Although we’ll be glad to see Dys tomorrow evening.  (Particularly the dog!)

In the kickass-awesome spirit of my present mood, I hereby offer a kickass-positive song.  (Really, it is!  Kinda Buddhist, really.  If you can figure out the lyrics.)

Shadows Fall, “Thoughts Without Words”

This fallacy I have disowned!

Enjoy your Monday; I’ll be back into the swing (and answering comments, etc) on Tuesday!


2 Responses

  1. hooray!

  2. I love the still picture of that video – this was the type of man I’ve always been most attracted to: skinny, long hair, holding a guitar. And the song was kickass too – I’d never heard it before!

    Heh. You’d have loved my narrow ass in college, then.

    I really dig Shadows Fall – they remind me of an extra-heavy Anthrax.

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