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Quick Stuff

Yep, it’s a short week and full of meetings it is.  I hope to do some actual posting this week – if possible, to do an actual write up on my 5k over at No Butts – but we’ll have to see how it goes!  In the meantime…


First off, as Bone Thugs & Harmony says, it’s the first of the month.  Radio show time, this Thursday!  I’m thinking about talking summery things this time around – end-of-school memories and that sort of thing, since Boy’s school year will end with an assembly that morning.  Is anybody interested?  Last month’s was a short’un since nobody called in and I was a whupped dog anyway…


More importantly, my grandfather went home from the hospital this weekend.  For a little while it looked like he might stay a little longer, since they were having some trouble getting his heart into a normal rhythm, but they got it sorted out and got him out the door.  He’ll have home health care for a while, but he’s back at home and MUCH happier.  Now I just gotta carve out some time to get home and see him.


Dys is sick.  Dys has a business trip from Friday through Monday.  Dys is really excited about all of this right about now.

Dys could use some sympathy.  And some orange juice.


Boy is receiving an award at school on Thursday morning that he knows nothing about.   The school let us know so we could be there.  We occasionally have our issues with this school, but generally speaking I think it’s been good for him.  Which, given my angst on the subject, has been a huge relief.


I submitted my massive-ass packet for my career review today.  Nothing left to do now but wait.

I was really really nervous about it, but I reread my handbook stuff and found that in one respect I’d gone about assembling the packet differently than I could have – so with that in mind, I chucked about 2/3 of the stuff and added a whole different chunk of other stuff instead.  Results?  I think my packet looks a hell of a whole lot better.  It still doesn’t take away some of the nervous edge, but I feel better about it overall.  Enough so to just sit back and say whatever happens will happen.  If I don’t make the cut, it’ll just be time to try my luck someplace else.


We finally made another step into the 21st century, by taking advantage of a temporary price cut and upgrading our Xbox Live account to Gold and making sure our Netflix account was set up to provide movies that way.

We watched an episode of Mythbusters and the documentary For All Mankind that Boy and I saw in the planetarium last year on the anniversary of the moon landing.  First verdict:  This is pretty damned cool.  I will agree with Crisitunity’s BF that it seems like this sort of thing more or less has to be the future of entertainment.  Now if only they’ll work on that backlog of things that aren’t yet available digitally…


Okay, deep breath, and I’m diving into my week.  Onward and upward!


3 Responses

  1. IMHO, there is enough stuff available digitally that it’s not such a big deal about what’s not. I have more than a hundred titles on my instant watch list, only a handful of which overlap with our 200+ Netflix list.

    It seems that there were a few things that I wanted to watch when I had the laptop in a hotel room in October that weren’t available. But I found something to do anyway.

    I’ll repeat good-luck wishes with the packet, but I don’t think you need them. It’s good that it’s off your shoulders for the time being, though.

    I hope you’re right on the first part, and I definitely think you’re right on the second!

    • I should add that the content (at this time) rotates quite a lot, so something that’s not available after March 31 might come back on July 1. I think it stays on a waitlist and pops up on your queue again when it comes back.

      Hmm. I had no idea that it rotated. That will bear watching, then.

  2. The convenience of that NetFlix stuff is amazing and I keep waiting for them to raise the prices. I love watching BAD movies…just pick something and watch it.

    In the case of the Xbox, well, you’re paying for Netflix AND the Xbox Live subscription. Still – it could be a lot worse. (Look at my cable bill, for example.)

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