Finished in 0:35:18.

It’s the “0” that had me excited.  😀

Seriously, I know my practice route was a little over 5k, but that was about 10 minutes under my goal.  I’m stoked.  Woohoo!


6 Responses

  1. Way to go!


  2. YEAH!!! That’s so awesome!! Rock on!!

    Now, beat this time on the next one. 🙂

    That’ll be the goal…

  3. I love race days and all of the people out there…this makes me want to sign up for something!

    I hope you enjoyed it…who would have thought you’d be out there doing this a year ago, huh?


    Who’d have thought? Not ME, that’s for sure. Your comment did make me step back again, though, and say ‘You know what? I did something pretty good here. I proved I could do something that I never really even considered.

    All of the people did make it pretty cool. Even though some of them were obviously REAL runners. I made sure to start way at the back of the pack so as not to get in their way!

    I’ll do it again, sometime. Definitely. Longer than this…? Well, let’s wait until I can actually run the full 5k without walking before I think about anything longer!

  4. That’s so terrific!! Congrats!

    Danke danke! 🙂

  5. Great run!! You went from :53 to :35 in just a couple of weeks — that is fantastic.

    I cheated a little bit. The practice runs I was making were about 3.5 miles instead of 3.1 – and they are on much hillier turf than the race course. I did that on purpose, of course, and it did pay off!

  6. […] it was on a drastically hillier course than my first 5k – and fifteen degrees or so hotter at 6:30pm than it was at 7:30am on that first day.  […]

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