Quick Stuff

It’s hot, and I’m wearing a tie.  Double fucking whammy.  I’ve got to go to the un-air-conditioned building for 15-20 minutes this morning – and give a brief presentation to 18-20 people or so around lunchtime.  Make that a quadruple whammy.


Dys and I are probably the only ones who care, but Jorge Lorenzo has a blog!  Is that cool, or what?  My Spanish isn’t what it used to be, and Google’s translator isn’t perfect, but between the two I can get enough out of it to enjoy it.  I’m starting to think I might have to buy a #99 hat or lanyard at Indy this year to add to my collection.


The astro-geek in me is completely psyched that the Hubble telescope has caught an extrasolar planet being devoured by its parent star.  Too goddamned cool.  And when I was in college, the first extrasolar planet had yet to be discovered.  I still wonder what my exobiology professor is teaching nowadays with all the new advances in the field.


I tweaked my ankle yesterday.  Not running – I made the 5k in about 48 minutes in 90+ degree heat indices, which was just fine by me – but when I grabbed my foot to do a quad stretch after the run, I pulled it a little too much to one side and felt a little “oof” there.  Last night after I sat down for a few it stiffened up pretty good – I’m going to be super-careful with it for the next few days.  I may try to run again this week, I may not, depending on how it behaves.  The last thing I want to do is really injure the damned thing when the 5k is Saturday morning.


I woke up this morning with two songs in my head:  “Casey Jones” by the Dead, which I blame on the local classic rock station while I was cooking last night; and “Sneaky Snake” by Tom Hall, for which I completely and totally blame you, Heather.

Quit laughing.  I mean it.

( 😀 )


I have one other link to share with you, but honestly, it deserves its own separate post, and so I think I’ll wait and post it another day.

Have a good Tuesday!


5 Responses

  1. Good luck today!

    Gracias! Shouldn’t be too big a deal, but I honestly don’t know who all is going to be around the table when I’m talking. That makes a difference.

  2. Good Luck!

    That’s very cool! I will have to share the bit about the Hubble with Kitty because now she wants to be an astronomer. (Rather glad she’s lost interest in acting- the “Disney British” accent, as I call it, was getting old).

    Be careful with those joints while doing c25k. That’s how I keep goofing up my knee. It’s fine while running, but then something inside rolls or whatever when I’m coming down the stairs and then I’m laid up for a couple weeks. It’s why I haven’t completed the program yet.

    The ankle isn’t like a sprain or anything – it’s a very specific spot that’s tender. And it’s already better now than it was this morning. But the plan remains to play it by ear and err on the side of caution.

  3. The Hubble discovery is cool. I shared it with my 5 yo daughter…she is learning about the planets now and seems to be fascinated by all things space related. Take it easy on that ankle. Favoring it can cause more damage to the other one.

    Ankle is pretty much back to normal as of today. Woo!

  4. It would be super cool if you had pit stains and asked everyone if they knew where your stapler was. 🙂 Congrats!

    You’re assuming that I don’t fit that description already…

  5. Wanted to name our first boat Casey Jones, but Todd thought it was bad karma. Instead she was Sugar Magnolia.

    Heh. Todd may have had a point there!

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