Monday Music

Let’s see.  Highlights of the weekend:

1)  More good news from Durham about my grandfather.  He’s walking around, and not so loopy on pain meds now – he recognizes people and isn’t spouting random nonsense.

2)  Another practice 5k on Friday, 8 minutes faster than my first one on Monday.  (I’m trying another this afternoon, but it’s gonna be damned hot and so I’m not going to pay the least bit of attention to the time.)

3)  A 10+ mile bike ride with Boy through the park on Saturday morning.  We didn’t know until we got there that it was the day of the Waggin’ Trail 5k – a couple hundred people and dogs were all over the place.  Heh.

4)  Camping out with Boy in the backyard Saturday night.

5)  The same 10+ mile bike ride with Boy on Sunday morning – this time we took it a little easier because our legs were still tired from the day before

6)  Retooling the drums and doing some mixing on a recording project that I’ve been working on off and on for about six months.  There’s a bit of work left to do, but as the motorcycle racers say, it’s those last few tenths that are the hardest to rind.  Feeling pretty good about it.

In the next few days I’m cranking out all of the material for my yearlong review, including my two-page “justify your existence” statement.  Okay, I exaggerate, it says “a statement of no more than two single-spaced pages describing the goals, focus, strategies, and coherence of your body of work.”

Focus?  Coherence? Moi?

So with that in mind, I think today’s Monday Music fits.  I have to say it’s one of my favorite tunes ever – this rhythm section is just mindblowing.  Just too bad it’s so long that YouTube cuts it off at the end.  (Crisitunity, I wonder if you’d be interested in using this song for one of your classes someday?)

Tool, “Reflection”


2 Responses

  1. hell yes.


  2. While I’m quite pleased with your grandfather’s progression (YEAH!) I do have to admit that an afternoon of loopiness and spouting nonsensical nonsense is always fun to watch.

    Congrats on cutting 8 minutes off your time!!! Marathons here we come!

    Marathons? One case of the loonies in the family at a time, dammit!

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