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Six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Particularly when you’re dealing with yours truly.

I told the long story over at No Butts, so hop on over there if you want to see the details.  But here’s the Cliff’s Notes (yes, I’m capable of Cliff’s Notes, fuck off!):

  • I saw an email announcing a 5k fun run being put on by the U’s alumni club to raise money for the Red Cross
  • I thought, “You know, maybe I can actually do a 5k run/walk.”
  • I decided to test my ability to do a 5k by, you know, doing a 5k yesterday instead of my usual workout.
  • I survived, none the worse for wear, and in fact feeling pretty damn good about myself for having tried it.
  • I still blame Marie for putting the crazy-ass idea in my head in the first damned place.

Looks like I’m signing up for the 5k!


13 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Good for you!


  2. woo hooo! I also want credit if you totally blow it. (But you won’t!)

    Nice sense of entitlement you’ve got there! 😉

    I think I’m good. (But I can always be better…)

  3. I’m doing a walk, myself, in September for the American Heart Association. 🙂

    Awesome. Mine will likely be, uh, warmer!

  4. I must be a dork because I don’t see when your run/walk is scheduled. But September here could go either way. It could be hot and humid as all hell or very nice breezy autumn chilly weather (which I would prefer if I’m going to be sweating). Mine is a 3 mile (5k, same thing) too but I have no intention of running. Hahaha!

    Sorry. May 29th is the date – so probably pretty warm.

    I plan to jog at least a little bit of it. How much? We’ll see! : D

  5. It’ll be over before you realize you’ve started it.

    Well, I don’t think THAT’s true – but I’m honestly thinking that the bunch of people around me will provide much more of a distraction than just solo circulating through the park. So I bet it’ll feel a lot shorter than Monday’s attempt.

  6. 5K this month…Half-Marathon in a year.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. When I can actually *run* a 5k instead of walking it, then we can start shifting into loony gear.

    • My friend Dee Dee just completed her first Half Marathon over the weekend in Chicago. She said she FINALLY experienced the runner’s high she’d always heard about. 🙂

      I have heard about such things. I wonder if it’s all a psychological delusion to distract you from the fact that you’re torturing yourself!

      • I’m sure if I had just run 13 miles I’d be halucinating. That might be considered a ‘high’, right?


  7. I missed out on my 5k in April because Bad Pants had a work crisis. But, once we’re settled in Georgia, I’ll get back into training and start doing them myself!

    So, congrats! Have fun while at it! Check out the couch-to-5k program if you haven’t already!


    It’s printed out and in my bag as I type. 😀

    I enjoyed that first bout, and I’m pretty proud of myself for stepping up to do it. Depending on how this one goes and how I feel afterward, I may do another one…or I may just check this thing off my list of “things I’ve done” and move on to the next item. Either way is fine.

    • Sorry, didn’t read your other post first. I was simply working down the blog reader this evening.

      Hey, that’s what I do!

    • There are some lovely apps for the c25k program for ipods and cell phones. I use one. It makes a “ding” sound when it’s time to switch my pace, even with music on. Much, much easier than watching the clock.

      I don’t even watch the clock, I just run until I can’t, then I walk until I can. 😉

  8. I vote “Badass”

    So far, me too. Now I just hope I feel the same way on May 30.

  9. MTAE has it right… you’ll be one of those crazy people who wears a loin cloth and runs in the winter in no time at all. Congratulations!!!

    Well, that part will be easy. I’ve already got “crazy” and “loincloth” down, just need to add the running.

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