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Sorry for the relative suckitude of the blog lately.  I have a whole bunch on my mind right now but not a whole lot coherent enough to post about.

Among other things, I’ve got my Big Review upcoming, which I’ll sum up by saying it’s more or less a year long, it starts this July and at the end of it I’ll either get a big fat raise or have a year to find another job.  Yeah.  No pressure or anything.  I’m really very good at my job, and I do a hell of a lot for this university, but I have the sort of job that nobody in my reporting line outside my immediate boss really understands or spends much time thinking about.  And the stuff that those folks in my reporting line understand best are, frankly, the areas in which I’m weakest.  It’s enough to make a dude nervous.

I’ve been unhappy about regaining some weight since this past winter (that week in SF definitely did NOT help) so I’m back in the gym and working hard to do something about it.  Maybe a little too much too fast…but we’ll see about that.

Dys and I are determined to attack our financial problems and so we’re wrestling with the best way to do that.  But admittedly, just thinking about said problems can be kinda depressing.

Dys has just been called upon to take a business trip in early June that coincides with Boy’s first weekend out of school.  So I’ve taken off those few days she’ll be gone, and that should be great for me and Boy.

Less great in that I have a shitpot full of stuff to get done around the office between now and then.  Being crippled for a few weeks and out of the office for a few weeks really fucked up my whole February-April around here, lemme tell ya.  Add in a possible trip back to the midwest to the in-laws’ and hoo boy, we’re gonna be busy.

So, I’m not gone and I’ve not completely checked out brain-wise – I’m just sitting here stirring these big clouds of sediment in my mind.  When the picture clears, hopefully I’ll have some more interesting things to say!


5 Responses

  1. You have nothing to apologize for…and I know that everything at the U will go just great!

    Your optimism is definitely appreciated. 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. Expect a big announcement at my place sometime this week.

    Okey dokey! Hope that’s a good thing!

  3. We’ve all been there. Just keep writing, it’ll all get out of your head.

    Gracias, senora.

    Times like these are when I miss motorcycling very much. (Especially at this time of year – May is my favorite month.) I hope you get the same headspace from sailing that I did from motorcycling – and that you get plenty of it this summer.

  4. I feel you on the brain sludge lately. Except you articulated much better than I could have. There have been a lot of weird goings-on with my university too, which also makes me nervous. Remember the good old days when a state job meant to get fired you’d pretty much have to show up at work on drugs and shooting people? Ah, the good old days.

    To be fair, I completely stole the “sediment” phrase from a book Dys bought me years ago on Vietnam.

    And yeah. To get fired from a state job used to be hard. Now you get canned basically for the crime of “we’re paying you a salary. Quit it.”

  5. The tenure process can be grueling but you’ve got lots of support from everyone here. Don’t do what I do prior to a review… get physically sick. I’m sure the university LOVES you. And don’t apologize for the “relative suckitude of the blog.” Have you read mine lately? I think it’s going around. 😀

    Good, then I’m totally going to play it off that I caught it from you.

    There are definitely people out there in the U who think I walk on water. A few of those are in the Executive VP’s office where these decisions are rubberstamped. Hmm, I wonder if I could bake them a cake and have them slip my file into the “keep” pile?

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