Bo-Rail III: The Return of Calvin

I told Dys as we were picking our horses that I’d take Awesome Act to win, Super Saver to place, and Lookin At Lucky to show.  “I’d take the 4 to win, but I just can’t believe that Calvin could win three times in four years.”

Dys took Super Saver to win.

She’s smart.

Congratulations to our favorite jockey, Calvin Borel, for another fantastic win!


4 Responses

  1. Our daughter’s nickname is “Lucky” so we were hoping that it would be good luck for us. We bet a dollar in our neighborhood pool. Woo. Woo!

    Congratulations to you and Lucky Liv! 😀

  2. And I don’t do facebook (sorry, I’m stubborn) but I burst out laughing when I read that dittie on the side of your blog about trying unsuccessfully to walk out a wedgie, because seriously…it can’t be done gracefully…

    I’m glad I got a giggle outta SOMEbody this week, at least! Even better is the TV commercial from last year featuring the lovely Sarah Chalke from Scrubs. She sells it well.

    (It’s a Twitter feed – actually, I’m not on Facebook either, despite the repeated urgings of a handful of friends.)

  3. I pick either by the back story or by the look of a horse I’d want in my own barn (ie, for dressage or hunter/jumper). Ok, so I pick pretty!

    We usually wait until the post parade to watch how the horse is behaving right before going into the gate. Does it look good physically? Look comfortable? Look irritated or excitable? So pretty plays a lot into it, but we also watch the behavior. For no real good reason – we’re fairly clueless handicappers.

    The one thing I heard about Super Saver was that he’d won in the slop before, and Calvin worked him out in the wet earlier in the week and was happy with the workout. That was enough to get my attention.

    My two picks didn’t win. I had a feeling about Borel and Super Saver, but alas! they were not my picks.

    I picked Awesome Act to win. He finished 19th.

    I think Kitty woke up after a late night trip here just because she heard “horses”. So, at least we got to watch the Derby together.

    Hope you had fun! We surely did. (The Kentucky Oaks, the 3-year-old fillies-only race on Friday, had a photo finish. That was a hell of a race!)

    • Forgot to add that my pick for the Turf Classic won! Then again, General Quarters was my pick for the Derby last year. I loved his owner’s back story and I’m a sucker for a pretty gray.

      Yep, the General Quarters story was a great one. I was sorry to see him not finish in the top 3.

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