That’s one dedicated biker.

Thanks to Bound & Gags for posting this little gem.

A 22 year old guy was shot to death in San Juan, Puerto Rico – and at his family’s request, he was embalmed and posed on his Honda CBR600 for his viewing.

Full story, such as it is, here.

As I told B&G, I’m not that dedicated.  But if they’re looking for ideas as to what to do with the bike once he’s in the ground, I’d take it off their hands…


6 Responses

  1. I saw that on B&G’s blog this morning. Kinda cool, kinda creepy. And now the bike is forever haunted. Seriously. Like, Christine style. Or maybe Ghost Rider.

    I’d deal with it.

  2. he actually looks pretty natural – but it was probably wise to put sunglasses on him.

    there’s a FB group for postmortem photography — I spent a good hour one night looking through all these photos. creepy, but intriguing. those nutty victorians!

    Marie’s link

    I think I fixed your link there, Marie. Yep, I’ve seen a lot of mortuary photography over the years, including the infamous book “Wisconsin Death Trip.” The babies are the ones that always creep me the fuck out.

    It’s an oddity, but it does illustrate that different cultures (and different eras) have radically different concepts about death and what’s appropriate ritual. I’ll always remember my anthropology professor talking about the funeral rituals of the Berawan people that he lived with. Crazy stuff.

  3. I do NOT want to know how they got his head to stay in that position.

    That’s the first thing said in the comments when I posted that on my motorcycle board. Sol’s theory was that they used a steel rod on his spine. Me, I think underneath the hat, etc. they just stitched a couple of pieces of rawhide or something from the top of his head to his shoulder blades.

  4. Um. Yuck.

    I hate to be judgmental, really I do, because everyone does this death thing differently and diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks and yadda yadda. But…yuck.

    In an odd way, I think this is a lot less creepy than the guy who was embalmed so he was propped up in a corner like just another dude in the funeral parlor. This looks more…obviously fake, and therefore I think it seems less fucked-up.

  5. Oh my goodness…I’m a bit creeped out by this! Just from the perspective of if I knew him and walked into the funeral home to see that…

    I empathize. But I imagine those who knew him probably walked in the door and burst out laughing. Of all the reactions to your wake, I’d say that’s a good one.

  6. I saw that story last week and was tempted to post weird ways people are embalmed. I think it’s kind of icky but I bet the morticians got a kick out of it (just because they don’t see much humor in their line of work).

    I think you’re right. And if Six Feet Under was an accurate gauge, sometimes they’re just ready for something *different* – a challenge that doesn’t involve reconstructing the victim of a horrible accident.

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