Two Docs

Quite pressed for time today since I attended two medical appointments and then a meeting across the state.  But:

1)  I graduated from physical therapy this morning.  The therapist watched me bend my thumbs and basically said “That’s it, there’s nothing more we can do for you, you’ve got 99% of your range of motion back and the last 1% will just come as the scar tissue matures over the next 3-9 months.”

So that’s cool.

2)  Boy will have his first set of braces put on in a month.  It didn’t have to be that soon, but one of his front teeth is noticeably crooked and he’s a little self-conscious about it.  So we asked if he wanted to go ahead and get started, and he said “yes.”

He’s actually happy about the whole thing – apparently in the 20 years since mine came off, braces have become “cool.”  Who’da thunk it?


8 Responses

  1. 1) Congratulations!
    2) Man, I wish braces had been cool when I had them. I had to endure ALLLLLL the bad jokes and brace-face comments. Bah.

    Definitely. As I told the ortho, I’m much happier to have him maybe a little TOO excited to get them because they’re cool than to have him reluctant to do so because they’re deeply UN-cool.

  2. I actually wanted them as a kid but never needed them. I used to put fashion a retainer out of tinfoil and wear it around. And this was *before* I knew about grills. yeah, I’ve always been a dork.

    The whole tinfoil-in-the-mouth thing gives me the inadvertent shivers. Ack.

    I will say that at least I never had the whole external-headgear thing. Those are the kids I really feel sorry for.

  3. 1. Congrats! May it never become a predictor of the weather!

    Hasn’t so far, but I agree!

    2. Braces are cool now!?! I sure hope my 8 yr olds don’t start asking for them!

    I’ll hope for ya, too. One thing that HASN’T changed is that they ain’t cheap.

  4. I wanted glasses for the same reason when I was younger. Actually what I wanted was the accessory feature of glasses, rather than the bad vision.

    Really? I never wanted them, including now when I have them. I’d have contacts except 1) I’ve always been super-squeamish about eyes, touching my eyes, etc. and 2) when I finally worked up the guts to try it, I found out that I have a kind of chronic inflammation of the inside of my eyelids and the eye doc recommended that I not try it. Bummer.

    • See, if you’d been in my generation, you could have just walked into Clarie’s and picked a pair of fashion glasses. Yes, I had them. Yes, I was a dork. Yes, they went well with my braces.

      I’m reminded of that line from the first few paragraphs of Tom Sawyer, when Twain says that Aunt Polly is trying to look for Tom and says something like “She peered over her glasses, then she lifted them up and looked over them. She seldom looked THROUGH them for something so small as a boy, for they were her fashionable pair, made for style not service, and she could see through a pair of stove lids as well.”

  5. He may regret his rushing the braces thing after he gets them put on. I heard the first 24 hours of having them on is a version of hell that I would rather not imagine.

    It’s certainly uncomfortable, speaking of someone who usually got his braces adjusted right before every major holiday so he wouldn’t miss as much school. Imagine sitting down for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with your mouth all sore for five or six years in a row.

    But “hell?” Nah. You’re sore, but that’s about it. Getting tattooed is worse. (Though granted the new-tattoo pain is over in about half the time.)

    Dys, I had the fashion glasses too. Imagine my surprise when 5 years after graduating high school (yup, wore them in high school, I too was a dork) I had to get the real thing.

    It’s hell gettin’ old, huh?

  6. Yay for moving your thumbs. Now you can hitchhike anywhere!

    Well, maybe I could if I had boobs. Bald + beard + visible piercings = nobody’s pickin’ ME up.

  7. After the therapy I have been going to, I usually request for a happy ending, but after your injury. I guess, with your injury, you can finish testing your recovery with your own happy ending.

    Uh…good luck!

    I’d need the luck; I’m right-handed!

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