Monday Music

I’m back and I’m whupped.

Oh, I have stories to tell and pictures to share (assuming I get them uploaded tonight – none from Chicago because I forgot to bring the little camera, but I spent most of the time running from meeting to meeting inside the hotel anyway).  But the short version will still be punctuated by a WHOOOOOLE lot of yawning.

And now I have to re-kick soft drinks. Again.  Joygasm.

But hey, I’m back.  Much more to come later.  In the meantime, a fun old favorite, just because I heard it in the car yesterday while waiting in the drive-thru line for Blizzards with Boy.

Van Halen, “Why Can’t This Be Love?”


4 Responses

  1. Welcome back!

    Gracias! It was good to sleep in my own damned bed again, I can assure ya.

  2. Welcome Back!

    I, too, have to re-kick soft drinks. Lots of visitors and lots of running around town = lots of soda. Not good. I am now home without visitors for at least the next 2 weeks, so plenty of time to detox.

    It’s trying to dodge the headache – or at least schedule it for the least inopportune time possible – that’s the suck.

    • Ah, well, not a worry for me. I refuse to give up coffee! Then again, I only drink a couple cups a day.

  3. I know you know this already but…LOTS and LOTS of water, my pal. 😀

    Isn’t that the cure for hangovers? Hmm.

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